Sweat on State

Gym: Sweat on State, 1165 N State   Class Focus: A HIIT class that takes your heart rate way up and tones you in the process. It gives you the format of […]

Express workouts at Power Sculpt Fitness

Studio: Power Sculpt Fitness, 3119 N. Lincoln Ave. Class(es) Focus: Power Sculpt Fitness offers shorter (25-30 minute) classes for half of what their regular classes cost ($15 is already super affordable, but […]

Body R+D

Studio: Body R+D, 2940 N. Lincoln Avenue Class Focus: A super-charged reformer workout that will leave your muscles shaking and your core wondering what hit it. Cost per workout: $30 Money […]

Total Body at CrossTown Fitness

Studio: CrossTown Fitness, 1031 West Madison St. Class Focus: Each class and trainer is different, but all classes focus on high intensity interval training. Cost per workout: $25 for a day pass Money saving […]

Hard Pressed High Intensity Workouts

Studio: Hard Pressed, 219 W. Chicago Suite 600 Class Focus: These personal training sessions are  weight-lifting and strength-training focused with a HIIT flair Cost per workout: $65 to workout with a head […]

Cardiovascular Series at Wilson Fitness Studio

Studio: Wilson Fitness Studio, 910 W Van Buren St., Suite 204 Class Focus: This class has a fast-paced tread-and-shred format that gets your heart-rate up and makes your muscles scream. Cost per […]

Pound Fitness with Saran Dunmore

Studio: Saran Dunmore teaches at Lacuna Fitness (a trainer’s Gym), 645 S Clark St – REGISTER HERE Class Focus: This class is rhythmic, total-body toning and cardio. Ever wonder why you always have […]

Bridal Sculpt – You don’t have to be a bride to sweat like one

Studio: Bridal Sculpt, 3868 N Lincoln Ave 2nd Floor (Dance Center Chicago, Studio 3) Class Focus: This circuit training/bootcamp style class combines strength training, cardio, yoga and Pilates. While “Bridal” is […]

SixPax640+ at Sixpax Core Studio

Studio: Sixpax, 1329 S Michigan Ave, Unit 2  Class Focus: This was circuit-training style bootcamp with a focus on the core. The class targeted all 640+ muscles in the body, hence the […]

Fit Bootcamp at Fit Lincoln Park

Studio: Fit Lincoln Park, 1963 N. Halsted Street Class Focus: This is a traditional bootcamp class with drill instructor style training. You’ll move and tone for the entire class. Cost per […]

Surfset Fitness at Moirai Health and Fitness

Studio: Moirai Health and Fitness, 820 N Orleans Street Class Focus: This is the ultimate instability workout that takes place on a surfboard. Almost every exercise you can possibly do […]

SkinnyFit at River North CrossFit

Studio: River North CrossFit, 330 W . Ontario Class Focus: SkinnyFit offers all of the high intensity interval training of CrossFit, without the Olympic lifts. It tones and gets your heart rate way […]


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