The Mental Health Benefits of Mindless Media

Or, why watching The Bachelor can be good for your mental health—really.

(CLOSED) Enter for a Chance to Win the Top-Secret Sunday Scaries “Cuddle Bundle”!

This “secret menu” bundle is only for those in the know (a.k.a., you).

June 20th is the Summer Solstice—Here’s What That Means for Your Mental Health

How summer and more sunshine can affect our mental health.

The Celebrations We Missed with Michelob ULTRA: a Cousin-Only Family Reunion

When a cousins-only family reunion was cancelled, here’s how Michelob ULTRA helped them (and how you could win too).

7 Strategies for Dealing With Change

This is about to be a period of big change. Here’s how to thrive.

Five Rituals to Restart Your Day

Because bad days happen—but maybe they don’t have to last ALL day.

How Candice Kumai is Breathing Through This Moment

Candace Kumai, the “wellness golden girl,” shares how she’s been using her platform to amplify and celebrate her AAPI heritage.

How to Unlock Your Creative Mind Through Design, Yoga, and Journaling [#Sweatworking Summit]

Because big problems can sometimes be solved in unexpected ways.


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