Why Hope Matters Right Now More Than Ever

When it’s hard to be grateful and when it’s challenging to keep going, lean on hope to continue reaching for your goals.

How Hope Helps You Cope

Your challenge this week: Build up your stores of hope.

Here’s Why You Should Bring Back Journaling

Not sure how to journal? Here’s how to get back into writing to promote self-care and reflection.

The Scarcity Trap and – More Importantly – Avoiding It

The difference between making great decisions or snap judgements could be the scarcity you’re experiencing. Here’s a tool to get out of the scarcity loop.

When vulnerability is in the air – can it be a positive?

It’s a time of great change and with that comes vulnerability. Here’s how that can be a good thing.

How to Be Bored (and Why You Would Want To)

Boredom might not be the enemy. Learn why you may want to spend a little time without entertainment today.

Seven Strategies for Managing Anxiety During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With coronavirus on the brain, social feeds, group chat threads, and news 24/7 you might be feeling anywhere from anxious to panicked. Try these seven strategies to stay sane during this stressful time.

Brave Sunday: Finding light in the darkness with Gratitude

Adopting a gratitude practice now may help you find light in a hard time. This week’s Brave Sunday focuses on weathering the new norm.


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