SixPax640+ at Sixpax Core Studio

Studio: Sixpax, 1329 S Michigan Ave, Unit 2 

Class Focus: This was circuit-training style bootcamp with a focus on the core. The class targeted all 640+ muscles in the body, hence the name.

Cost per class: $18

Money saving offers:

  • $102 for 6 sessions ($17/session)
  • $192 for 12 sessions ($16/ session)
  • $360 for 24 sessions ($15/session)

The Fab Fit take:

SixPax640+ focuses on toning the entire body through body-weight intensive circuit training. Between the small class size, quick circuits and fun new exercises, this bootcamp had everything I needed to get through the workout without my mind wandering. Also, trampolines. I’ve been wanting to exercise on a trampoline for months and I got the chance here.

We did an eight-exercise circuit three times, spending about a minute at each station. With Fayth, the instructor and owner of SixPax, paying close attention to all seven class members’ form, we were able to work efficiently and quickly through each exercise with her guidance. I started my circuit with high-knees, followed by burpees on a bosu ball. This was a total challenge move as the burpees were done with the flat side of the bosu ball up and the bosu ball was kept in-hand, over-head during the burpee’s jump into the air. We followed that with oblique crunches on an exercise ball. Bringing the Boso ball back for a sit-up to jump move on a bosu ball, we started by laying on the bosu ball and fully extending backward, then sitting and popping up to standing to finish with a jump, which got tough towards the third round through. Follow that with stability ball knee tucks, kettle bell rows, jumps up and over a bosu ball and pushups on a med ball and you’d think that circuit would be the end.

Enter the trampolines. When I saw Fayth getting out the mini trampolines, I worked really hard to contain my excitement. But once we started actually “working” on these super-fun fitness props, the smile never left my face. To get used to the bounce, we started by running in place for about 3 minutes. Follow that by the super-woman (or man – this class is equal opportunity) exercise of a one-handed plank and this circuit had found the ying to its yang. For the remaining two circuits, we bounced high enough that I had time to flail on the way down, again, super fun, but the point was to bounce WITHOUT flailing and keep the core tight. We did two more one-handed planks, with the option to do a one-handed push-up. I had to use a tremendous amount of will power to not quit. Read: that was hard.

This class brought the heat and fun to my workout, making it a must-do in the South Loop.

Date/time taken: 3/19/23

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