A 20-Minute Pilates-Inspired Core and Glute Workout That’s Meant to be Done with Your BFF

You’ll need a mat and a miniband for this #betterwithfriends workout.

How The Yoga Industry Has Changed with The Pandemic

The yoga industry has faced several challenges and changes as a result of the pandemic, such as closed studios, online classes, and more.

State of Fitness 2021: Your Fitness Habits in a Post-Vax World

In the sixth edition of this survey, we ask about how your fitness habits have changed during the global pandemic.

Why You Should Track Your Running Data With Good Old-Fashioned Speadsheets

Are you #TeamSpreadsheets? Right this way, please.

Here’s Exactly How Much Running Boomed During the Pandemic

Plus, what motivates new pandemic runners as compared to pre-pandemic runners.

This 20-Minute Cardio and Core Workout Will Start Your Week Off Right

Join aSweatLife this month as we celebrate Pride through workouts with our favorite LGBTQIA+ trainers and allies.

Here’s All the Gear You Need for Summer Biking

They say you never forget how to ride a bike… but just in case, here’s all the gear you need for summer biking.

The Opening of More Barry’s Locations Signals Return to Studio Fitness

Here’s what Barry’s CEO Joey Gonzales told us about managing reopening, social justice and studio fitness, and more.


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