Going the Distance: How to Train for a Half Marathon

A running coach and a trainer weigh in on how to train for a half marathon.

Outdoor Activities You Can Still Do In October

This year we’re enjoying the outdoors for as long as possible.

Take This 10-Minute Survey to Share Your Thoughts on Fitness in the Pandemic

We’re asking about whether you’ve been back to a gym yet, your budget for at-home fitness equipment this winter, and more in this 10-minute survey.

How JagFit Overcame Opening During a Pandemic to Earn Their Customers’ Trust

Opening a gym is tough in the best of times—but in a pandemic, it’s brutal. Here’s how the JagFit founders were able to successfully pivot their opening plan.

Confessions Of A Studio Fitness Junkie: How I Learned To Stop Hating Home Workouts

For someone fully committed to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, my general attitude about working out at home (or anywhere by myself) is really no different than that of a […]

Five Predictions for Fitness Post-Coronavirus

How will coronavirus change the future of fitness? Here are five fitness predictions you’ll see post-coronavirus.

How to Start Your Virtual Training Business

Are you a fitness pro transitioning to virtual clients? Here’s what you need to do.

Sweat the Vote with Our Digital Workout Schedule for the Week of September 7

During the week or 9/7, we’re going to sweat the vote with some of our favorite trainers.


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