How To Clean AirPods, Gym Bags, and Other Workout Gear

When you’re getting sweaty in the gym, your workout gear is getting gross too. Before you jump to “ew!” let us teach you how to properly care for your fitness must-haves.

7 Tips for Working Out During Lunch

Instructors from Shadowbox and Studio Three offer their best tips for squeezing in a lunchtime workout.

What Do We Do When Our Fitness Identity Shifts?

For fitness fanatics, our identity can hinge on our growth in our sport. So what does an athlete do when they realize they haven’t participated in their favorite activity in months?

Is Recovery the New HIIT? How The Fitness Industry Can Encourage Recovery and Where the Vertical is Headed

Because when you HIIT it hard, you need to recover hard, too.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Working Out While Pregnant

Move that bump (if it’s right for you).

Why More Fitness Studios Are Combining Working Out with Booze

These days, some fitness studios feel more like nightclubs than gyms. Here’s why that’s trending.

The Importance of Community in Boutique Fitness Studios

Tevia Celli, Director of Education at CycleBar, weighs in on the importance of community in boutique studios and how instructors can build camaraderie with clients.

I Loved ClassPass, But I Left It—Here’s Why

In the end, is leaving ClassPass the ultimate sign of the app’s success?


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