Benefits of Making Older Friends

Make new friends, but keep the old(er) ones.

What It’s Really Like to Go to Couples Therapy

Plus, three common misconceptions of couples therapy—debunked.

I’m Pansexual—Here’s Why I’m Angry That I Have to “Come Out”

I don’t want “pansexual” to become an epithet to my name.

aSweatLife Ambassador Applications are Open – Here’s Why We Love This Program

The aSweatLife ambassador applications are now open. Here’s why this day is like a holiday for us.

Four Activities To Do Sober With Friends

Have fun with your friends sans booze.

Do Virtual Friendships Still Have Value?

Or do you need to see friends IRL to get the benefits of friendship?

On National Friendship Day, Try A “Friendship Check-In”—Here’s How

It’s time to reflect on what real friendship means to you.

How to Make New Friends Post Pandemic

Return to socializing and make new friends with these tips.


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