Feeling Overwhelmed? Try These 5 Mini-Goals to Relieve Stress

After enduring nearly a year of this pandemic, there are a lot of reasons why we might be feeling stressed. We continue to face economic uncertainty and a constant public […]

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How to Reevaluate Goals Going Into the New Year

And what to do if COVID threw a wrench in your plans.

Knowing When to Quit

Whether you’re setting goals for the New Year or simply thinking about how you’ll make it through the next month, don’t be afraid to set your escape route.

aSweatLife Ambassador Applications are Now Open!

We are now accepting applications for the next class of aSweatLife ambassadors. Read what you can expect and how to apply.

Finding My Own Voice in Rejection

How the #rejectionchallenge taught Julia when *she* should be rejecting an option.

Why You Need A Monthly Goals Check-In

If you’re wondering how to keep momentum on your 2020 goals all year round, a monthly check-in is definitely for you.

Putting Out: My Goal to Get Rejected 100 Times in 2020

In an attempt to conquer her fear of rejection, one writer will aim to get rejected at least one hundred times during 2020.


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