Putting Out: My Goal to Get Rejected 100 Times in 2020

In an attempt to conquer her fear of rejection, one writer will aim to get rejected at least one hundred times during 2020.

How to Make a Vision Board for the Year

Manifest the life of your dreams with this one simple tool.

5 Journal Prompts to Reflect on 2019

Come the end of the year we generally start getting reflective. We start to think back on our accomplishments and maybe lament the things we wish we did. We also […]

Three Ambassadors Share What the aSweatLife Ambassadorship Means to Them

Three Ambassadors share their journeys as part of the aSweatLife Ambassador program. The 2020 application is live until Nov 15!

How to Deal When You Fail at Your Big Goal

Sometimes, when you set big, hair, audacious goals, you fail at them—and that’s okay.

5 Scorpio Traits to Channel This Year

Whether you’re a Scorpio or not, you can channel the traits of this passionate, determined water sign for your own personal improvement.

How To Stay Productive During The Summer

Thinking more about happy hour than deadlines or presentations? Use this tips to stay productive in the summer.

Why You Should Check In With Your New Year Resolutions on July 4

Halfway through the year and on a holiday weekend, take some time to sit down with your goals this Fourth.


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