Six Essential Items for Entertaining in 2020

Looking to entertain more in 2020? Have these items on hand to host all your friends on the regular.

Tips for Hosting Family the First Time as a Newlywed or Young Adult

How to be the host with the most.

I Did a 5-Day Sleep Challenge: Here’s What I Learned

Armed with gravity blankets, essential oils, optimized light bulbs, and more, here’s how one writer tackled a sleep challenge.

How to Make Your Own Holiday Traditions

Friends is famous for their always incredible Thanksgiving specials. There’s the hilarious season six special best known for Rachel’s famous meat and jam trifle, and I can’t resist the season […]

6 Tips to Creating a Hygge-Friendly Home

Getting hygge with it.

Navigating the Holidays Away from Home

Find magic and meaning this holiday season even if you aren’t home for the holidays—here’s how.

The Perfect Game for Every Holiday Family Situation

Our favorite picks for family games to pull out this year during all of your holiday gatherings, whether you have kids to entertain or a more adult crowd.

How Influencer Sharron Clear Balances Body Positivity and Health

Lifestyle influencer Sharron Clear shares the breaking point that led her to a healthier lifestyle and how she approaches body positivity.


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