Sweat on State

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Gym: Sweat on State, 1165 N State  

Class Focus: A HIIT class that takes your heart rate way up and tones you in the process. It gives you the format of CrossFit workouts without some of the more involved moves like Olympic lifts.

Cost per workout: $25 sign up here. 

Money saving offers:

  • $0 for the first 3 workouts in your first 7 days of membership
  • $18 first workout
  • Contracts as low as $149/month

The Fab Fit take:

There are a few workouts that I’m smitten with and the SkinnyFit workout at River North CrossFit is one of them. But alas, as a career woman with a fitness addiction, I was only able to fit the 6 am workout on Thursdays into my schedule. Why do I love SkinnyFit? It’s all of the intensity of CrossFit without the olympic lifts that some think build bulkier muscles. Mmmmmm box jumps.

It’s like Katie of River North CrossFit heard my prayers to the fitness gods: Sweat on State opened with workouts with that same high-intensity, body-weight focused feel. 11 times a day on weekdays starting at 6 am and 10 times a day on weekends starting at 7am. I dreamed that this day would come.

Two weeks ago, Sweat on State opened its doors for your panting, sweating pleasure.

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My first workout was simple, but it was a doozy.  We did 3 minutes of balls-to-the-wall work followed by 2 minutes of rest 6 times total. During each of the 3 minutes of work we tried to get through as many rounds of 100m rows, 10 box jumps and 10 kettlebell swings with the goal of hitting 12 total rounds.  If we were able to get through more than 2 rounds during the 3 minutes of work, we got to pick up where we left off. In short: the goal was to kill it.

Because the space is big, there’s no cap on classes, but as the classes fill, Sweat will keep the teacher-to-student ratio at 15-to-1. More teachers = better form and better workouts.

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The gym is a beautiful facility with a tough vibe. Turf always makes me feel 10x tougher, so I’m fairly sure it makes everyone’s workout a little more gridiron. Great news. While you’re sweating your face off, your tots can hang out on the kids room.  Moms, dads pack your gym bags.

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Date taken: 8/19/13