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Leading up to Sweatworking Week (June 9-15), we’re partnering with studios in our hometown to encourage you to try new things (one thing we love).

This week, we’re partnered with @BasecampWestLoop.
❤️ For ambassadors, you get a free week (Check CIrcle)
👯 For our friends who aren’t Ambassadors, you get 1 free session.

Did we mention the other thing we love? Friends! Tag your workout bud you’d take to this workout.

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We’re trying new things between now and our week that’s like restaurant Week for Fitness - Sweatworking Week, year 12 - taking place June 9-15. Every week, we’re partnering with a gym or a studio to get you deals in the community where we grew our roots: Chicago fitness. (You might see some invitatations to try new things in other cities too - hint, hint)

Head to the Link in our bio and make sure you’re subscibed to our newsletter- you’ll get this week’s offer to try 2 classes @thegaragechi tomorrow morning at 9 am. This is a super special week - we’re celebrating The Garage Chi’s community week AND everyone in the aSweatLife fam gets the same offer. In future weeks, Ambassadors will get super special offers and everyone else will just get regular-special offers.

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In Celebration of 12 years of aSweatLife and the place we’ve called home - Chicago Fitness - we’re working with studios and gyms leading up to Sweatworking Week (June 9-15) to create super easy ways for YOU to try new things.

Read: It’s raining fitness!!!

Make sure you’re signed up for our email newsletter so you get our weekly deals every monday April, May and June. (That’s at the #linkinbio)

👯 Ambassadors in Chicago will get at least 1 free class a week
🔥 Email subscribers will get super-sized deals and some freebies!
🌎 Ambassadors in other cities ... keep your eyes peeled.

If you’re like, “what’s an Ambassador?” check the #linkinbio

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Raise your hand if you’re thinking about drinking a little bit differently.

We’ve heard from a lot of humans that they’re drinking less or not drinking. Maybe you’re not changing anything at all, but you might want to be the host who thinks about your friends who don’t drink.

And we’re not here to tell you how to imbibe, but we DO love a morning that doesn’t feel like 💩 ESPECIALLY if you have morning workout planned or a run club to get to.

So we stocked up on some of our favorites from @foxtrotmarket and made three mocktails. We’ll rate them easy, medium, and medium+ (nothing about this is hard, but omg, these are delicious),

By the way, we’re drinking these while we write this, so you’re basically getting a play-by-play on mocktail flavor.

🟢Easy: Raspberry Lime Fizz.
Pour a @drinkspindrift Raspberry Lime over ice.
Garnish with a lime.
See! Easy. But so, so refreshing.

🟡Medium: Cucumber Blackberry Spritz
Muddle 5 or 6 blackberries and a lime wedge in your 2nd fanciest cocktail glass.
Pour ice over your muddled mixture.
Top with @wearesomethingandnothing cucumber soda
And OMFG, yum. We cannot stress this enough.

🟡+: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire (it’s spicy and it has an NA mezcal - GET IT?!)
Muddle 5 or 6 raspberries and the juice of 1/2 lime in your fanciest cocktail glass
Top with ice
Pour in about 4ish oz of @delacalleco Watermelon jalapeño
Top off with an oz of @drinkmonday NA mezcal
This is for the people who always or whatever is spicy on the cocktail menu.

Salut, humans.

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We’re short on time, but long on hunger, so we’re whipping up a version of @tastycurls garlic peanut noods.

What’s on the menu at your busy 🏠?

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