Around the world – aSweatLife Ambassadors

Here are a few of the ways aSweatLife Ambassadors are involved across the country (and you can too if you apply and are selected).

Perks aSweatLife Ambassadors get for their wellbeing

Here are a few of the ways aSweatLife Ambassadors get wellness perks (and you can too if you apply and are selected).

Everything is Better with Friends – aSweatLife Ambassador Program

Here are a few of the ways to make friends as an aSweatLife Ambassador (and you can too if you apply and are selected).

9/7/22: Workout with POMSQUAD Fitness at Lincoln Common Chicago

On Wednesday, September 7th at 6pm, join us for a special aSweatLife workout as we kick it into high gear with our friends at POMSQUAD Fitness™ at Lincoln Common Plaza.

Achieving Your Fitness Goals in 2015

Last year, ASweatLife discussed the importance of setting SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and timely) goals. It’s one thing to have good intentions in early January, but it’s an entirely […]

3 common New Year’s Resolutions and How to Make Them Stick

Let’s face it. Sometimes it’s just too hard to keep up those New Year’s resolutions. The excitement of setting new goals and imagining a better year ahead is healthy, but […]

#SweatFor2015 and Share Your New Year’s Resolutions

You’re probably already started to hear the question everyone asks around the end of the year every year: Are you making any New Year’s resolutions? We’re asking the same thing […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Lunches Healthy Through The New Year

New Year’s Eve is upon us. This time of year tends to bring tons of exciting parties, vacations to warm climates and, as we all know, New Year’s resolutions. For me, […]

Nike+ is Ready for Your Resolutions

For many of us, myself included, 2014 was a year of milestones. From first-time marathons to PRs, group fitness beasts to doing a pull-up for the first time, we pushed […]

Chicago Meal Delivery Service Kitchfix Prepares to Expand

If you’ve stepped into a Chicago gym or studio over the past year, chances are that you’ve seen a Kitchfix (formerly CJK) refrigerator stocked with healthy meals. Chicago meal delivery […]

Telepressure and Your Sanity

If you’ve ever tripped on the treadmill because you were typing an email on your smartphone, checked your inbox on a date, run from the beach to the hotel lobby […]

Getting Your Mind Right for Training with Chicago Trainer Liu Gross

(Editor’s note: This is the first post from Chicago trainer, Liu Gross. With over a decade of training experience and a trophy case full of recognitions, we know he’ll have […]