How to Deal with an Eating Disorder During the Holiday Season

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder during the holiday season, these thoughts from a psychologist might help you continue your recovery.

How to Redirect Awkward Thanksgiving Table Talk

From breakups to politics to “when are you having kids?”, Thanksgiving table talk can be an awkward minefield. Here’s how to redirect those convos.

How to Embrace Winter with Winter Rituals

Winter doesn’t have to be a drag—embrace the chilly season with these ideas for winter rituals.

What It Means To Be A Highly Sensitive Person

I don’t like loud environments, bright lights hurt my eyes and I can’t stand too many things going on at once. I’m not an introvert—I’m an HSP.

Three Ambassadors Share What the aSweatLife Ambassadorship Means to Them

Three Ambassadors share their journeys as part of the aSweatLife Ambassador program. The 2020 application is live until Nov 15!

How to Make Daylight Saving Time Work to Your Advantage

Look on the bright side.

An Expert Weighs in on Whether Rage Rooms Are Really a Good Way to Relieve Stress

Rage rooms—they’re all the rage. But are they really stress relievers?

How to Use Deep Breathing for Instant Stress Relief

Three types of breathing exercises guaranteed to calm you down instantly.


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