Why Now is the Right Time to Seek Fun

There’s an episode of The Office that I feel like we’re living at aSweatLife and well beyond our digital walls: “Murder.” It’s incredibly well-written and worth a watch – especially […]

How to Be Bored (and Why You Would Want To)

Boredom might not be the enemy. Learn why you may want to spend a little time without entertainment today.

Five Ways to Single Task

In the age of multitasking and a million notifications, how can we force ourselves to slow down and live in the moment? Our answer: single-tasking. Here’s how to get started.

Free Mental Health Resources to Help You Cope with COVID-19

A round-up that we’re continuously updating of free meditations, virtual sound baths, and more.

Seven Strategies for Managing Anxiety During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With coronavirus on the brain, social feeds, group chat threads, and news 24/7 you might be feeling anywhere from anxious to panicked. Try these seven strategies to stay sane during this stressful time.

Brave Sunday: Finding light in the darkness with Gratitude

Adopting a gratitude practice now may help you find light in a hard time. This week’s Brave Sunday focuses on weathering the new norm.

Finding My Own Voice in Rejection

How the #rejectionchallenge taught Julia when *she* should be rejecting an option.

Why You Need A Monthly Goals Check-In

If you’re wondering how to keep momentum on your 2020 goals all year round, a monthly check-in is definitely for you.


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