How Hope Helps You Cope

Your challenge this week: Build up your stores of hope.

Here’s Why You Should Bring Back Journaling

Not sure how to journal? Here’s how to get back into writing to promote self-care and reflection.

The Scarcity Trap and – More Importantly – Avoiding It

The difference between making great decisions or snap judgements could be the scarcity you’re experiencing. Here’s a tool to get out of the scarcity loop.

When vulnerability is in the air – can it be a positive?

It’s a time of great change and with that comes vulnerability. Here’s how that can be a good thing.

Danica Patrick Shares Her Stress-Relieving Routine

The trailblazing athlete-turned-entrepreneur knows how to unwind.

Why Now is the Right Time to Seek Fun

There’s an episode of The Office that I feel like we’re living at aSweatLife and well beyond our digital walls: “Murder.” It’s incredibly well-written and worth a watch – especially […]

How to Be Bored (and Why You Would Want To)

Boredom might not be the enemy. Learn why you may want to spend a little time without entertainment today.

Five Ways to Single Task

In the age of multitasking and a million notifications, how can we force ourselves to slow down and live in the moment? Our answer: single-tasking. Here’s how to get started.


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