No Props? No Problem! Yoga at Home With These Prop Substitutes

Practice yoga at home with these prop substitutes for blocks, straps, and more.

Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Purchase

Is your goal to save money in 2020? Ask yourself these six questions before making a purchase to reach your financial goals this year.

What To Do When You Get Negative Feedback At Work

This 4-step approach will ensure a thoughtful response that helps, instead of hurts, your career.

How a Rolling To-Do List Changes Everything

What is a rolling to do list? Your new best friend.

How to Be Bored (and Why You Would Want To)

Boredom might not be the enemy. Learn why you may want to spend a little time without entertainment today.

Curated Digital workout schedule for the week of March 23

aSweatLife’s digital workout schedule for the week of March 23 is here. These at-home workouts will make you feel connected and strong in your living room.

7 Eco-Friendly Food Storage Containers to Keep Your Leftovers Fresh

It’s time to ditch the plastic for good with silicone bags, beeswax wrap, and more.

Free Mental Health Resources to Help You Cope with COVID-19

A round-up that we’re continuously updating of free meditations, virtual sound baths, and more.


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