Strength-Forward Group Fitness Experience, Train Moment, Set to Open Doors This November

This fall, Train Moment opens in Chicago’s West Loop, incorporating nearly a decade of industry experience into the city’s newest, unparalleled strength-forward and VersaClimber group fitness experience.

How to Treat and Prevent Calluses From Working Out

Don’t let your calluses stop you from picking up those heavy weights.

Why Pop-ups Are Taking Boutique Fitness by Storm

Here’s why fitness happening on every available rooftop, event space and open field.

Three Benefits of Taking Short Workout Classes Over Long Ones

No time for an hour-long spin class or five mile run? No problem—there are plenty of benefits that go along with short workout classes, too.

Jill Dailey, Founder of The Dailey Method, On Leading with Vulnerability, Working with Women, and the Future of Boutique Fitness

Jill Dailey opened The Dailey Method in 2000, making it the first barre studio on the West Coast—here’s what she’s learned since then.

Four Predictions for How a Recession Might Affect Boutique Fitness

With a potential recession forthcoming, we predict how an economic downturn might after the boutique studio fitness boom and the fitness industry.

Why Your Yoga Instructor Always Asks “What do you want to work on today?”

And yes, “EVERYTHING!” is a totally okay answer.

5 Mistakes You’re Making on a Spin Bike

Here’s what a master instructor says to watch out for during your cycling class.


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