How JagFit Overcame Opening During a Pandemic to Earn Their Customers’ Trust

Opening a gym is tough in the best of times—but in a pandemic, it’s brutal. Here’s how the JagFit founders were able to successfully pivot their opening plan.

Confessions Of A Studio Fitness Junkie: How I Learned To Stop Hating Home Workouts

For someone fully committed to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, my general attitude about working out at home (or anywhere by myself) is really no different than that of a […]

Gym Practices We Hope Will Stick Around After Restrictions are Lifted

Because extra sanitation, smaller classes and virtual workouts are all options we can get behind.

Healthy Hood Takes Care of its Community’s Health Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Healthy Hood started with affordable fitness, but grew into a revolutionary community health program.

How Strength Society’s New Leadership Has Reinvigorated A Beloved Chicago Workout

A beloved Chicago gym gets a new look and new focus with the help of an expert team of investors.

Here’s How Gyms Are Responding to Coronavirus—And How to Avoid Germs at the Gym

Coronavirus is causing more fear than the phrase “timed mile challenge.” So how are gyms changing their policies to protect their clients from germs?

What Do We Do When Our Fitness Identity Shifts?

For fitness fanatics, our identity can hinge on our growth in our sport. So what does an athlete do when they realize they haven’t participated in their favorite activity in months?

Why More Fitness Studios Are Combining Working Out with Booze

These days, some fitness studios feel more like nightclubs than gyms. Here’s why that’s trending.


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