These Outdoor Chicago Fitness Classes at FFC Make the Most of #SummertimeChi

Whether you want to take a rooftop spin class or do yoga in a park, FFC has got you covered.

How Group Fitness Helped Me Find Pride in My Identity

“In hindsight, it was the strength and community I saw in my riders that helped me muster up the self-love and courage ultimately needed to come out publicly.”

How The Yoga Industry Has Changed with The Pandemic

The yoga industry has faced several challenges and changes as a result of the pandemic, such as closed studios, online classes, and more.

AKT Is Finally Opening A Studio In Los Angeles—Here’s Why That Matters Now

A studio opening didn’t used to be a big deal, but the opening of AKT in Los Angeles signals a shift back to normalcy.

How to Take On the Infamous Tone House Workout as a Beginner

If you’re new to Tone House, you might be intimidated by the infamous workout. Never fear—here’s how to approach the Tone House workout as a beginner.

Questions to Ask your Fitness Facility Before Your Return to the Gym

Before returning to your gym, consider getting more information about how the gym is still taking precautions.

5 Ways to Make Your Gym More Inclusive

Dark lights, walls of mirrors, and thumping bass—these may be the norm, but they can be off-putting to hypersensitive clients.

A Q&A with Nt Etuk, Founder and CEO of FitGrid, on Diversity in Boutique Fitness

Nt Etuk, founder and CEO of FitGrid, answers our questions about being a Black business owner in the fitness space right now.


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