What You Need to Know About the Plant Paradox Diet

Is this trendy new diet legit or just hype? We had an RD weigh in.

I Gave Up Meat and Went Pescatarian for 50+ Days Here’s What Happened

Here’s what happens when you decide to eat all the seafood.

I Was Diagnosed with Celiac Disease During a Pandemic

One writer shares the ups and downs of going gluten-free while in quarantine.

5 Healthy Alternatives to Coffee That Will Boost Your Energy Without Giving You the Jitters

From maca to matcha, these superfood powders are the perfect way to start your day.

Mindful Eating: Here’s How to Tweak Your Meals to Find Peace in a Time of Turmoil

Jeana speaks with our favorite RD on how to eat mindfully and why it’s so important to practice mindful eating (especially when you’re stressed).

5 Whole Foods For Brain Health

If you are what you eat, these are the foods that will make you a brainiac.

Should You Eat Chickpea Pasta?

Chickpea pasta is popping up in grocery stores as a protein-dense pasta alternative—but is it nutritious? A dietitian weighs in.

Six Reasons to Eat More Apples and Pumpkins This Fall

Stock up on apples and pumpkins to get more nutrients this fall.


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