To Yoga or Not to Yoga With Wrist Pain

We asked the experts what to do in order to avoid or improve wrist pain in yoga. Here’s what Prep Performance Center founder Dr. Mary Kate Casey has to say.

4 Benefits of Using CBD

CBD is having a serious moment—and it’s not dying down anytime soon. People are using CBD for a variety of things, and it is pretty spectacular. I can say firsthand! […]

What to Know About Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Bodies get weird after giving birth… a pelvic floor physical therapist can help. Here’s how.

IV Therapy is the Latest Workout Recovery Trend–Here’s What You Need to Know Before You Try It

IV therapy is quickly becoming more and more popular for post-workout recovery. Here’s what to know before you get a treatment.

How the Founders of Gumdrop Solved a Common Recovery Problem

The Gumdrop founders saw a need for a flat-backed massage tool—and they learned a few entrepreneurial lessons along the way.

What I Learned from Thirteen Injuries and Six Surgeries in Two Years

After thirteen injuries and six surgeries in two years, the writer learned a few things about her food addiction recovery, her strengths, and more.

Quick Hits: How can gyms make recovery easy (and enjoyable) for members?

Experts from Stretch Lab, Hyperice, Tone House, and EDGE Athlete Lounge share how gyms can make recovery easier for their members.

Get Ready for Your Next Run with This Running Warm-Up From West Town Physical Therapy

A physical therapist-approved running warm-up for your next outdoor run.


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