No Props? No Problem! Yoga at Home With These Prop Substitutes

Practice yoga at home with these prop substitutes for blocks, straps, and more.

Is Recovery the New HIIT? How The Fitness Industry Can Encourage Recovery and Where the Vertical is Headed

Because when you HIIT it hard, you need to recover hard, too.

Shoulder Flossing: What It Is and Why You Should Do It

You floss your teeth, but did you know you should also floss your shoulders?

Can Cannabis Help Post-Workout Recovery?

There’s been a lot of buzz about using cannabis is a remedy for several things—sleep, stress, anxiety, muscle tension, headaches, and more! And muscle recovery post-workout is another one that […]

7 Effective Exercises to Heal Your Diastasis Recti

We talked to women’s health experts about the best exercises to heal this separation.

I Did a 5-Day Sleep Challenge: Here’s What I Learned

Armed with gravity blankets, essential oils, optimized light bulbs, and more, here’s how one writer tackled a sleep challenge.

To Yoga or Not to Yoga With Wrist Pain

We asked the experts what to do in order to avoid or improve wrist pain in yoga. Here’s what Prep Performance Center founder Dr. Mary Kate Casey has to say.

4 Benefits of Using CBD

CBD is having a serious moment—and it’s not dying down anytime soon. People are using CBD for a variety of things, and it is pretty spectacular. I can say firsthand! […]


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