How Farmhouse Culture Brings the Flavor to Fermented Foods

Maybe you and fermented foods are fer-MEANT to be.

Is the Alkaline Diet the Key to Better Health?

Celebs swear by it, but are the benefits legit? Here’s what an expert has to say about it.

What to Expect from Your First Encounter With a Naturopathic Doctor

Your first appointment with a naturopathic doctor might be a little intimidating—here’s what to expect.

Katie Lee Shares Easy, Delicious Summer BBQ Recipes

The Food Network star showed us how to make the tastiest meals for an outdoor get together.

Foods to Help Keep You Cool During Summer

Beat the heat this summer and enjoy foods that keep you cool with these five summertime favorites and chill out all summer long.

What You Need to Know About the Plant Paradox Diet

Is this trendy new diet legit or just hype? We had an RD weigh in.

Four Hacks (And One Recipe) for Portable, Tasty Sides for Your Socially-Distanced Barbecues

Here’s what to bring (and how to pack it) to your next socially-distanced picnic.

How Thin Privilege and Fat Phobia Uphold White Supremacy

Kim Rose, a Diabetes Educator and inclusive Dietitian, answers our questions about implicit bias in healthcare.


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