How to Use Fitness Time as Deep Thinking Time

Could your fitness routine be a meditation routine in disguise? We investigate.

Behind the Scenes at Alo Moves

Alo is more than just an apparel brand now – here’s what to know about their app, Alo Moves.

Pride Month Spotlight: How Fitness Changed Katie Kollath and Heather Hamilton

“Every day, I feel like I can conquer the world (at least my own little world) because I show up and start the morning with something challenging, and I get through it.”

Pride Month Spotlight: How Fitness Changed Frank Wells

“I wish I could let younger me know that exercise isn’t a punishment.”

Pride Month Spotlight: How Fitness Changed Nikki Snow

“Taking group fitness expanded my definition of what movement could be.”

The Best Workout for Your Zodiac Sign

Could your ideal exercise be written in the stars? Here’s what astrologists say are the best workouts for every sign in the zodiac.

Pride Month Spotlight: How Fitness Changed Cassandra Grace

“Instead of the harmonious and healthy mind-body connection that my fitness regimen currently supports, I only ever knew tension and disgust.”

How to Find Movement That Brings You Joy

Because exercise shouldn’t feel like a punishment.


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