Are People Ready to Go Back to Gyms? Here’s What We Found Out.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel—but have our fitness habits changed for good?

New FitTech Offering Bande To Create the Social Network of Live-Streaming Fitness Classes

Working to bring community, the best coaches, tech and talent to streaming fitness, meet Bande.

Everything You Need to Know About Resistance Band Workouts

Shake up your home strength routine without spending a ton of money.

What Are Concentric and Eccentric Movements, and Why Should You Be Doing Both?

Here’s how to take your workouts to the next level.

How to Create Your Own Strength Workout Routine at Home with a Nike Master Trainer David Carson

In this video you’ll learn how to Create Own Strength Workout Routine with Nike Master Trainer David Carson.

How to Change Your Mindset Through Movement

In this workshop, not only will you HEAR all of the ways movement can change your mindset, you’ll experience them first hand as Gideon and Rachel share the stage for this unique talk and sweat combo from the 2021 #Sweatworking​ Summit.

These Two Workouts are Revolutionizing the At-Home Fitness Industry

Here’s how these two fitness trends stacked up.

Commit 2 Fit This January With Carrie Underwood and BODYARMOR LYTE

Prizes?! We’re listening…


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