Strength-Forward Group Fitness Experience, Train Moment, Set to Open Doors This November

This fall, Train Moment opens in Chicago’s West Loop, incorporating nearly a decade of industry experience into the city’s newest, unparalleled strength-forward and VersaClimber group fitness experience.

How This Chicago Yogi Fuses Music With Movement With Trap Yoga

“I wasn’t necessarily aware that I was developing Trap Yoga when I was developing it,” the Trap Yoga creator tells us.

The Science Behind Hydration

Drink it all in.

How This Spikeball Player Turned Himself Into a Professional Athlete

This Spikeball competitor shares his journey and lessons learned along the way to becoming the first pro player ever.

Why “Wellness Under One Roof” is EVERYWHERE Right Now

At these clubs, there’s more to the gym than just getting sweaty.

Why Pop-ups Are Taking Boutique Fitness by Storm

Here’s why fitness happening on every available rooftop, event space and open field.

Why You Should Add Plyometric Exercises to Your Workout

Plyometric movements are explosive, dynamic, and exhausting. Here’s why it’s so important to incorporate them into your training.

8 Apps for Personal Trainers

Use technology to your advantage with these apps for trainers.


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