Health and Fitness Predictions in 2020

We asked two NASM experts to dust off their crystal ball and give us their fitness predictions for 2020—here’s what they said.

5 Futuristic Wellness Products We Saw at CES 2020

Smart yoga mats?! What a time to be alive.

Take our 2020 State of Fitness Survey for a Chance to Win a Hypervolt!

For the past several years (five, to be exact), we’ve asked you to share your insights on the latest fitness trends you’re obsessed with, totally over, or a little curious […]

Workouts According to Each Week of Your Cycle

Working out according to your menstrual cycle—wacky or a way to really listen to your body?

ClassPass’s New Research on 2019 Fitness Trends—And How Our State of Fitness Survey Stacks Up

Here’s what ClassPass’s analysis of 100 million workouts shows, and how it compares to our own research.

Strength-Forward Group Fitness Experience, Train Moment, Set to Open Doors This November

This fall, Train Moment opens in Chicago’s West Loop, incorporating nearly a decade of industry experience into the city’s newest, unparalleled strength-forward and VersaClimber group fitness experience.

How This Chicago Yogi Fuses Music With Movement With Trap Yoga

“I wasn’t necessarily aware that I was developing Trap Yoga when I was developing it,” the Trap Yoga creator tells us.

The Science Behind Hydration

Drink it all in.


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