Express workouts at Power Sculpt Fitness
  • August 15, 2013
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    Studio: Power Sculpt Fitness, 3119 N. Lincoln Ave.

    Class(es) Focus: Power Sculpt Fitness offers shorter (25-30 minute) classes for half of what their regular classes cost ($15 is already super affordable, but $7.50 is like a cup of coffee)

    • Coreball Express:
    • Cadio Express
    • Bosu Express
    • Tabata Express
    • Barre Express
    • Ab Blast
    • Bootcamp Express
    • Core Express
    • Foam Roller Express

    Cost per workout: $7.50

    Money saving offers: First workout is free!

    The Fab Fit take:

    Power Sculpt fitness classes are meant to be intense and work you from head to toe, but the studio’s express classes do it in half the time. I’ve sweat my way through TRX Express twice and each time I’ve been sore for multiple days. 30 minutes of work for days of sitting down to the sounds of “ow ow ow owwww.”

    The class moved quickly, using the body weight and the suspension provided by the TRX straps to keep the exercises interesting. Squats, lunges, curtsy lunges were taken up a notch by adding fast paced movements like jumps followed by isometric holds. If you’ve never done a workout with TRX before, you’re in for a muscle burning treat. By changing the angle of your body from standing to a full lay-back, you can vary the resistance on movements like triceps extensions and biceps curls.

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    PSF’s express classes answer the “but I’m too busy to work out!” excuse – so shut up about it, seriously. They also pair well. On the Sunday when I lunged, squatted and jumped my way through class, about half of the class-goers stayed for the Bootcamp Express that followed.  At $7.50 a pop, it’s an affordable mix and match.

    With a schedule packed with morning classes starting by 5:40 am every weekday and a child care center on site, this studio has what it takes to keep busy moms fit.

    If you have time for more than 30 minutes of work, also check out the Power Sculpt Signature class.

    Date/time taken: 8/11/13

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    1. Olivia

      I just tried PSF for the first time and LOVED it! I took the PSF Signature class and felt like it was chiseling my body! Definitely going back

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