Your Guide to Creating a CBD Routine That Will Stick With You

Dabbling in CBD may give you a little chill, but when you really feel the benefits is when you create a CBD routine. Here’s how to start.

Psychedelics Are Emerging Into The Mainstream Mental Health Space

Do they work? Are they dangerous? Here’s what we know so far.

5 Actions to Take During Mental Health Awareness Month

“When I first received my diagnoses, I felt relieved because I finally had the language to be able to describe what I was going through.”

4 Ways to Honor Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month This May

Nadya Okamoto shares why it’s so important to embrace the beauty of AAPI heritage—not just this month, but all months.

Why We Need to Break Our Scarcity Mindsets

“I am not doing enough. I am not enough.” Sound familiar? You might be suffering from a scarcity mindset—here’s how to overcome it.

How These Survivor Advocates Have Found Peace with Mind-Body Healing

“So much of my healing journey has been focused on reconnecting with and reclaiming my body for myself.”

I Spent My Quarantine Starting to Heal the Trauma From My Sexual Assault

aSweatLife’s founder shares her own journey of healing from sexual assault.

Identity Affirming Therapy: Why It Matters and Where to Find It

A therapist shares the best resources for finding a mental health professional who shares your lived experience.


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