How to Deal with an Eating Disorder During the Holiday Season

If you’re struggling with an eating disorder during the holiday season, these thoughts from a psychologist might help you continue your recovery.

How to Redirect Awkward Thanksgiving Table Talk

From breakups to politics to “when are you having kids?”, Thanksgiving table talk can be an awkward minefield. Here’s how to redirect those convos.

An Expert Weighs in on Whether Rage Rooms Are Really a Good Way to Relieve Stress

Rage rooms—they’re all the rage. But are they really stress relievers?

What’s the Difference Between a Panic Attack and an Anxiety Attack?

We explain the difference between a panic attack and an anxiety attack, plus offer grounding strategies to help you cope in the moment.

4 Benefits of Using CBD

CBD is having a serious moment—and it’s not dying down anytime soon. People are using CBD for a variety of things, and it is pretty spectacular. I can say firsthand! […]

S’August: How I Embraced Sober Curiosity For A Month

It may not be as catchy as Sober October, but here’s how one writer’s Sober August changed her perspective on drinking and socializing.

3 Roadblocks to Starting Therapy—and How to Overcome Them

Too expensive, not enough time, stigma… there are lots of obstacles to starting therapy. Here’s how to overcome them.

The Science Behind Stress-Eating

Does a rough week at work have you reaching for the cookie jar? Here’s the science behind stress-eating, plus how you can try to address it.


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