Windmills and a Workout in The Netherlands

In Amsterdam, we found serenity in the windmills and energy in High Studios, a rhythm-based high intensity interval class.

What It’s Like to Take A High Tech Spin Class in China

Sometimes, a good workout transcends language barriers.

How Flight Attendants Stay Fit When Traveling a Ton

Admit it, you’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a flight attendant—here’s how they prioritize health while traveling.

Reflections After A Week-Long Hiking Trip

After a week-long hiking trip in Zion National Park, here’s what this writer realized about prioritizing friendships, moving her body, and going with the flow.

How Backpacking and Minimalism Taught Me Self-Love

With so much less, traveling encouraged me to fall in love with myself even more.

Racing—and Laughing—on the Great Wall of China

While running a 10K on the Great Wall of China, this writer learned that for some races, the journey is more important than the finishing time.

8 Lessons Learned from a Week Backpacking in Patagonia

Lessons learned from a first-time backpacker on a six-day trek in Patagonia, including deodorant isn’t an “essential item.”

Traveling and the Significance of the Human Factor

After a depressive episode, one writer rediscovered the joy of human connection while traveling with her parents through China.


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