What Are Nootropics?

Do you need these brain-boosting supplements in your rotation?

Take the Power Up Challenge with NOW® Sports for Higher Morning Energy

Boost your energy and power up with the Power Up Challenge with NOW® Sports for higher morning energy, free on the SweatWorking app.

The Best Sources of Prebiotics and Probiotics for Your Diet

You’ve heard of probiotics—now, learn why prebiotics are also an important part of your diet.

The Benefits of Mushrooms (Plus, How to Choose the Right Shroom for You)

These “fun-guys” bring a lot to the superfood party.

Your Guide to Fermented Foods

These foods were fer-meant to be in your diet.

What is Seed Cycling and How Does It Help Your Hormones?

WTF is seed cycling and what does it have to do with your period? We’ve got details on this holistic hormonal regulation.

Everything You Need to Know About Algae Oil

Algae oil is just the latest in the line of gourmet cooking oils — here’s what else you should now about the trendy oil.

A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking with CBD Oil

Here’s how to play Chef CBD.


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