The towel workout

I’ve been checking the weather every morning, waiting desperately for a ray of sunshine. If you’re hibernating in an apartment or condo in blustery Chicago, chances are – you have […]

Get sweaty at home with this Polar Vortex workout

Tomorrow is going to be one of the coldest days of the year in Chicago. I can already see the mid-week working-from-home hibernation starting all around me and I’m ready […]

Grab a partner and try this workout at home!

I haven’t kept it a secret that I’m spending a few nights a week teaching a class called Bridal Sculpt. Because the owner of the class and I firmly believe […]

Bridal Sculpt Salutes Queen Bey with a fierce workout and playlist

How does one stay on track with one’s fitness goals on one of the coldest days of the year? By channeling the utter fierceness of Beyoncé into a workout. Not only […]

At-home body weight workout from Bridal Sculpt’s 1/14 class

Every time I teach Bridal Sculpt, I try to create a workout that is a challenge for everyone. You know what’s really challenging? Doing each kind of exercise three different […]

Bridal Sculpt – A calorie scorching workout to beat the cold

Are you coming outside yet? If that answer to that question is, “no,” you can get a taste of a Bridal Sculpt workout in the warmth of your home. Get active, […]

Sculpt and burn: Bridal Sculpt workout 1/2/2014

We brought the 20 seconds on, 10 off calorie-burning Tabata intervals to Bridal Sculpt and we mixed in some toning circuits. Have you noticed that I love Tabata intervals? At Bridal Sculpt, we […]

Bridal Sculpt workout from 12/17

Every day counts during the holiday season and every workout sets your day out to be a success. We used every second of our 60 minutes of Bridal Sculpt class […]

Bridal Sculpt from 12/13/13

The ladies of Bridal Sculpt have  been taking the intensity up a notch with high intensity interval training. Enjoy it and remember that you can try your first Bridal Sculpt class […]

Bridal Sculpt workout at home of the week

I had to travel for work this week, so the Bridal Sculpt body weight workout came in handy in a Dallas hotel. If you want to try it, get yourself […]

Workout at home with Bridal Sculpt 11/26

We turned up the heat at Bridal Sculpt before the Thanksgiving feast this week. If you’re traveling to see family and you don’t think that you’ll get to work out, […]

Bridal Sculpt workout from 11/19

If you have a wooden floor at home and a towel, you’re ready to work out with this Tuesday’s Bridal Sculpt routine. Once you’re warm, hit the circuit two times […]