No equipment workout for summer nights

Between work, travel and weddings, summer can be trying for your workout schedule. Fit in a no equipment workout in wherever you are by busting out this routine three times […]

Tighten Up for Summer with this No Equipment Workout

If you’re trying to work your workouts into a small amount of time or if you don’t have access to a gym, no equipment workouts are your friend. #NoExcuses. This […]

Lean out with this body weight workout

I dwell on things and I dwell hard. Last week I started to get caught up on the idea of creating a workout that focuses entirely on eccentric muscle contractions, […]

Body weight workout at home: Leg day!

I love leg days. No really. I love them. But sometimes the hardest movement can be the smallest. We did this pulsing, toning series last week at Bridal Sculpt and  it […]

HIIT it hard with this at-home workout

I’m on the road this week and I tend to count on body weight workouts. Plan as you may, sometimes you run into hotels that have varying definitions of “gym.” […]

The towel workout

I’ve been checking the weather every morning, waiting desperately for a ray of sunshine. If you’re hibernating in an apartment or condo in blustery Chicago, chances are – you have […]

Get sweaty at home with this Polar Vortex workout

Tomorrow is going to be one of the coldest days of the year in Chicago. I can already see the mid-week working-from-home hibernation starting all around me and I’m ready […]

Fab Fit Chicago gets in a 7-Minute Workout with Chris Jordan

If you’ve ever given an excuse for not working out, there’s a high probability you named “time” or “access to a gym” as your limitations. With one app that uses […]

Bridal Sculpt Salutes Queen Bey with a fierce workout and playlist

How does one stay on track with one’s fitness goals on one of the coldest days of the year? By channeling the utter fierceness of Beyoncé into a workout. Not only […]

A bodyweight workout to get you through Chiberia

I’m not a wimp when it comes to the cold, but when stuff on my face starts freezing closed, I’m calling it and staying inside. That doesn’t mean you have […]

Tabata workout to get you ready for the New Year

If your office closed down like mine did for what feels like the longest vacation you’ve ever had (not complaining), you’ve had time to do things like pin countless wedding […]

This week at Bridal Sculpt: HIIT the Barre

This week in Bridal Sculpt, we mixed two great barre-inspired segments with two HIIT series and not a face in the studio was sweat free. If you want to do this workout at […]