The Ultimate Conference Call Workout: Lower Body

Okay, so you’ve mastered the ultimate conference call workout for your core—now, let’s move down to the lower half of your body.

conference call workout lower body

How it works: Whenever one of the below situations occurs, do the exercise prescribed. If you’re the one talking or presenting (or your company requires your camera to be on), make a note and commit to the workout later.

Complete the following every time….

  • There is an awkward silence = 15 squats
  • The conference call drops = 10 jump squats
  • Someone’s voice is entirely muffled on the phone and you can’t understand anything = 10 sumo squats
  • Someone “has a hard stop” = 20 alternating lunges (10 each leg)
  • The classic “will circle back with you” is used = 20 second static chair pose
  • The mute button is forgotten = 15 clams each leg
  • There is furious typing in the background = 12 donkey kicks each leg
  • Someone’s camera is accidentally on when they meant to just be on their phone = 45 second plank
  • Your call could’ve been an email: 15 lateral (side) lunges per leg
  • Your main participant is a no-show: 15 fire hydrants per leg
  • Someone reiterates something the person right before them said: 15 squat pulses, parallel legs
  • There is crunching right into the speaker: 20 second glute bridge hold
  • The opening line is “can everyone hear me alright?”: 10 alternating lunge jumps 
  • A “holistic strategic approach” is mentioned: 30 cross-body mountain climbers
  • Someone mentions the “end to end”: 30 second wall sit
  • “I’m sorry I was on mute” is used: 15 plie squats (legs turned out rather than parallel)
  • Someone sounds like they’re under water: 15 curtsy lunges per leg
  • Someone is accidentally sharing their screen: 20 calf raises
  • The presenter can’t figure out how to share their screen: 45 second jog in place
  • You can tell someone has no idea what is going on: Single leg bridge, 30 seconds each side
  • A “win-win” situation is mentioned: 30 second high-knee run in place
  • There is a strange echo on the call: 20 skaters
  • There are technical difficulties: Bulgarian split squats, 12 each leg
  • Someone makes the excuse their computer crashed which is why they’re 20 minutes late to a 30 minute call: 45 seconds of jumping jacks
  • Someone’s texts pop-up on the shared screen: 20 inner thigh lifts per leg.
  • A dog barks in the background: Rotating squat jumps, 30 seconds
  • People try to talk all at once: 12 plank jacks

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