The Ultimate Conference Call Workout: Core

You’re on more conference calls right now than you’ve ever been on in your life—maybe even back-to-back-to-back calls. And while your default response is probably to be sitting down for the duration for them all, why not have a little fun and incorporate some movement into your day every time someone breaches conference call etiquette? Enter: The Ultimate Conference Call Workout, for your core specifically.

conference call workout core_

How it works: Whenever one of the below situations occurs, do the exercise prescribed. If you’re the one talking or presenting (or your company requires your camera to be on), make a note and commit to the workout later.

  • There is an awkward silence = 10 push-ups
  • The conference call drops = 10 burpees
  • Someone’s voice is entirely muffled on the phone and you can’t understand anything = 45 second plank
  • Someone “has a hard stop” = 50 bicycles
  • The classic “will circle back with you” is used = 15 full sit ups
  • The mute button is forgotten = 15 V-sit ups
  • There is furious typing in the background = 30 russian twists
  • Someone’s camera is accidentally on when they meant to just be on their phone = 10 plank to push-ups
  • Your call could’ve been an email: 50 crunches
  • Your main participant is a no-show: 30 mountain climbers
  • Someone reiterates something the person right before them said: 15 jack-knives
  • There is crunching right into the speaker: 12 plank hip dips
  • The opening line is “can everyone hear me alright?”: 10 inch worms
  • A “holistic strategic approach” is mentioned: 30 cross-body mountain climbers
  • Someone mentions the “end to end”: 10 windshield wipers (move legs together from right to left)
  • “I’m sorry I was on mute” is used: 10 second side plank right then left
  • Someone sounds like they’re under water: 5 plank jacks
  • Someone is accidentally sharing their screen: 10 second arm-raise plank
  • The presenter can’t figure out how to share their screen: 20 flutter kicks
  • You can tell someone has no idea what is going on: 10 plank leg raises
  • A “win-win” situation is mentioned: 20 Cross-body mountain climbers
  • There is a strange echo on the call: 12 scissor kicks
  • There are technical difficulties: Hundreds
  • Someone makes the excuse their computer crashed which is why they’re 20 minutes late to a 30 minute call: 10 reverse crunches
  • Someone’s texts pop-up on the shared screen: 5 Commandos or army planks
  • A dog barks in the background: 15 butterfly crunches
  • People try to talk all at once: 12 knee to elbow crunches

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