3 Common Products That May Affect Your Menstrual Cycle

It may be time to revamp your go-to products – here’s why.

Rise Medical is Taking the Taboo Out Of Sexual Health

Because yeah, we need to talk openly about these common issues.

What to Know About the Male Birth Control Pill

Plus, what that might mean for your future relationships.

The Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Save money on pajamas. Sleep in the nude. Here’s why.

Everything You Want To Know About Your Fertility But Were Afraid To Ask With Dr. Shahin Ghadir

Because TBH, figuring out our own fertility is still a head-scratcher.

Here’s What No One Knows About My Sex Life

Pssst… my close aSL friends, I have a secret to tell you. Promise not to tell? Okay, good. Here goes: If I never have sex again, I’d be perfectly content. […]

What to Know About Amenorrhea

If you’re wondering where TF your period went, read this.

My Indian-American Upbringing Gave Me An Insufficient Sex Education

Here’s what I wish I had been taught instead.


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