Podcast ReShare: Four #WeGotGoals Guests Share Perspectives of Equity in Fitness

On this episode of the #WeGotGoals podcast, we’re re-sharing one of our favorite conversations from four Chicago movers and shakers who are contributing generously in their own fields.

How Sarah Larson Levey Took Y7 Studio from Pop-Up to One of the Fastest Growing Companies

Founder and CEO of Y7 Studio, Sarah Larson Levey shares the good, bad, and hilarious of creating one of the fastest growing wellness companies in the US.

Anne Mahlum of [solidcore] Will Never Live Life in the Middle

Why, and how, this entrepreneur walked away from the successful non-profit Back on My Feet to start something new.

How Robert Brace, Former Ballet Dancer, Took the Leap into Full-Time Fitness

We interview the Mind-Body-Soul Connector on #WeGotGoals.

How Pinole Blue’s Eddie Sandoval Is Spreading a Family Tradition While Supporting a Tribe of Ultrarunners

Eddie Sandoval finds a way to bring a taste of home to Wichita with Pinole Blue.

How Steve Umberger Told an Unheard Community’s Story Through Live Theater

Playworks Group Creative Director Steve Umberger talks about the power of community to make big change, no matter how small the project may be.

How Celebrity Trainer Betina Gozo Launched the Dance With Mweyne Foundation

Celebrity trainer Betina Gozo’s goal wasn’t always to start a global foundation, but when she followed her instinct, that’s exactly where she ended up.

Alison Rootberg, Founder of Wellness4Every1, on How She’ll Impact 600+ Chicago Schools

“My whole life, I always kind of had these big ideas, and people were like, ‘I don’t know that that’s possible…’ and I’m like “Oh, well, watch! Here we go.”


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