How Our Views on Goals Changed During the Pandemic

Kristen and Jeana wrap up The Daily Distance mini-series from this spring.

How Holding Just One Yoga Pose Can Ease Your Stress

No time for a flow? No worries—try holding just one yoga pose for instant centering.

An Activewear Collection Co-Founder Shares More About the Dreamy Nordic Lifestyle

Because if you live in Scandinavia, there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.

How to Stop Judging Your Food Choices and Give Yourself More Compassion

This week aSweatLife is partnered with N!CK’S, the first and only light ice cream that is actually, truly, creamy. N!CK’s is a Swedish brand that believes healthfulness shouldn’t compromise flavor. Spoon-soft […]

Why You Might Try Intermittent Fasting During Quarantine

I scream, you scream…

How to Pull Your Own Tarot Cards—And Why You Might Want To

Plus, the best tarot decks for beginners.

How This Boxing Studio Co-Founder Fills Her Own Cup

Here’s how this boxing studio co-founder is filling her own cup.

How a Canned Cocktail Co-Founder Stays Focused On His Vision

Plus, why you should be drinking more mezcal.


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