How Sally Mueller is Helping to Modernize Menopause at Womaness

If you’ve never had the talk about menopause, this founder is here to change that.

Revisiting the Goals That Got Allyson Felix to the Games in Tokyo

We talked to Allyson Felix in 2017 about her goals and her big goal was to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Take a look back with us.

aSweatLife Ambassadors Share Their Big Goals And How They’ve Shifted

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How to Turn Stress Into Strength with Dr. Samantha Boardman

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How Shandi Nichols’ Recovery From Sexual Assault fueled The Boss Gloss Purpose

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How Stephen Lease, CEO and Co-Founder of goodr, Uses Process Goals to Grow goodr and Achieve His Big Dreams

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Why Eliza Blank Dedicated Her Professional Life to House Plants

Plants make people happy and that’s why the founder of The Sill dedicated her life to making them easy to get and care for.

Courtney Phillips, Co-Founder of Gumbo Media and Creator of GumboFit, on Organizing, Running, and Community

Plus, why she suggests therapy for anyone who can access it.


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