Try This Doodling Exercise for a Creative Break

Amber Vittoria, an artist and illustrator, shares an easy creative exercise anyone can do.

Natalie Holloway, Co-Founder of BALA, on Serendipitous Timing, Shark Tank, and Her Pandemic Recommendation

The queen of the pandemic’s chicest fitness gear comes on the podcast.

The Pantry Staple Kristen is Obsessed With Now and Forever

Host Kristen brings you two of her own personal recommendations.

This Smoothie Company Founder Has One Piece of Advice For You

Plus, lots of laughs with Kristen.

Use This Ayurvedic Breathing Technique for Immediate Calm

Plus, what inhaling and exhaling each do for your energy levels.

The Founder/CEO of Lil Bucks Shares Her Quarantine Culinary Adventures

Plus, her perfect acai bowl.

How the Ivy Lee Method Helps Productivity

Here’s her twist on the Ivy Lee method.

How (And Why) To Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

We discuss why now’s the time to do so, and Li Kendrick breaks the process down into three tips.


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