Melissa Stockwell, Paralympic Triathlete, Helps a First-Time Triathlete Strategize

“After I lost my leg, I kind of lived through this—you can’t really take any day for granted.”

Luke Saunders, CEO/Founder of Farmer’s Fridge on Why He Sets One Goal at a Time

On this week’s episode of #WeGotGoals, Luke Saunders, Founder and CEO of Farmer’s Fridge helps a budding entrepreneur.

How Colleen Werner, CEO of Lulafit, Built A Company She Wanted to Work For

Plus, how she’s leaned into being an empathetic leader during the pandemic.

Meet the Company Making Mental Health Easier for Employers

Some of your mental health issues may stem from work—but what if your employer provided accessible, approachable options for mental healthcare?

How Christine Yi and Felicity Chen, Balance Each Other as Co-Founders of Potli

On this week’s episode of our podcast, hear from these best friends and co-founders who created a new way to consume cannabis.

How Emily Groden, Founder of Evergreen, Went from Big Law to the Freezer Aisle

Warning: don’t listen to this episode if you haven’t had breakfast yet.

Listen: David Rabie, Founder and CEO of Tovala, Heats up His Big Goals

This founder wants to change the way you cook – and no, they’re not another meal kit.

Peloton’s Jess King on Training for the Tread, Her Family Goals, and More

Plus, she shares a super-personal goal with our listeners.


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