Work out With Just Your Bodyweight for 30 Minutes

After all of the tinsel has settled, the Christmas tree and menorah emojis stop rolling in via text and everyone changes out of their matching pajamas, what’s the next logical move? A bodyweight workout in your relative’s living room, obviously.

This workout will get your heart pumping and will strengthen your muscles without you having to pick up anything heavy.

Here’s your workout: 

You’re going to work for a minute and transition for 15 seconds. You’ll do this set of exercises three total times. Give yourself a little extra rest at the end of the set, about 45 seconds to sip some water and catch your breath.

  • Tuck jumps
  • Bear crawls
  • Recumbent bike abs
  • Squat pulse
  • Single leg burpee
  • Calf raises
  • Push-ups with shoulder taps
  • Straight leg bicycles

Here are your moves:

Tuck jumps: Start standing on the ground in an athletic stance. Exhale as your jump up from standing, bringing your knees towards your chest as you do so. Inhale as you land softly in a standing position.


Bear crawls: Start on all fours, knees bent and lifted off the floor with your hands right under your shoulders. Keeping your back perfectly flat and your knees lifted, step your opposite hand and foot forward. Take four steps forward, then four steps back.

asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_bear-crawl_4 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_bear-crawl_3 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_bear-crawl_2 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_bear-crawl_1

Recumbent bike abs: In a seated position, lean back, keeping your core engaged and your back flat. Start with your left leg straight and your right leg bent and switch as if you’re pedaling a recumbent bike.asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_recumbant-bike_2 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_recumbant-bike_1

Squat pulse: Sit low into a squat position, dropping your hips to your knee height. Keep your core engaged, your back flat and your weight in your heels as you pulse your hips up and down.


Single-leg burpee (switch legs halfway): Just like you would a regular burpee, start in an athletic stance, but lift your right foot off the ground and only make contact with your left foot. When you lower your hands to the ground and jump back into a plank, hover your right leg in a single-leg plank then lower down to a push-up, press back up and bend your left knee to launch it back in between your hands. Press firmly down into your left leg to shoot up into the air and land softly again on your left foot. 

asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_single-leg-burpees_6 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_single-leg-burpees_5 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_single-leg-burpees_4 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_single-leg-burpees_3 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_single-leg-burpees_2 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_single-leg-burpees_1

Calf raises (Change the position of your feet halfway feet parallel and 1st position): Start standing with your feet hip-width distance and pointed straight forward, rise up on the balls of your feet to engage your calves. Turn your toes out keeping your heels turned in and press up onto the balls of your feet to engage your calf muscles.




Push-ups with shoulder taps: Start in a plank position on your hands. Bend your elbows out to lower down and push up to return to a plank position, then tap your right hand to your left shoulder without letting your hips wobble. Do another push-up and tap your left hand to your right shoulder. Continue to alternate.

asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_push-up-with-a-tap_6 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_push-up-with-a-tap_5 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_push-up-with-a-tap_4 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_push-up-with-a-tap_3 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_push-up-with-a-tap_2



Straight leg bicycles: Start laying on the floor face-up, left your left shoulder blade off the floor and bring your left elbow to your right knee, exhaling as you lift up. Then switch.

asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_straight-legged-deadlifts asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_straight-legged-bicycles_3 asweatlife_work-out-with-just-your-bodyweight-for-30-minutes_straight-legged-bicycles_2

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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