How My Scar is Helping Me Have a Better Relationship With My Body

Make a deal with your body this week: “I’ll take care of you, if you take care of me.”

What Really Makes You a Neighbor?

Jeana reflects on what exactly makes someone a neighbor—is it physical proximity, or something more?

aSweatLife’s Free Digital Workout Schedule for the Week of August 10

This week’s digital workout schedule will give you a little bit of yoga, strength, HIIT and dance.

Healthy Hood Takes Care of its Community’s Health Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Healthy Hood started with affordable fitness, but grew into a revolutionary community health program.

aSweatLife Ambassador Applications are Now Open!

We are now accepting applications for the next class of aSweatLife ambassadors. Read what you can expect and how to apply.

aSweatLife’s Free Digital Workout Schedule for the Week of August 3

Your live digital workout studio is back with one way to sweat every weekday.

What to Expect from Your First Encounter With a Naturopathic Doctor

Your first appointment with a naturopathic doctor might be a little intimidating—here’s what to expect.

Your Digital Workouts for the Week of July 27

Next week’s digital content is a mash-up of some of our greatest hits from the last four months. Reruns have never looked this good.

When I said, “At least I’ll get a break”—and why it was a wake-up call.

Right before a life-altering surgery, this realization caused Jeana to majorly rethink and reshift her priorities.

Why Hope Matters Right Now More Than Ever

When it’s hard to be grateful and when it’s challenging to keep going, lean on hope to continue reaching for your goals.

Our digital workout and workshop schedule for the week of June 15

During the week of June 15, you’ll find us leading morning workouts and creating workshops to keep you feeling strong, connected and productive.

June 15: Marquita Anderson Leads the Second in a Four-Part Series About Race in Wellness

Join us for the second in a series of events that will bring us together to listen, reflect and act against racism in the wellness world.


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