How Casper ter Kuile Creates Meaning Through Ritual and Wrote the Book on It

This episode of #WeGotGoals features the author of The Power of Ritual and we’re pretty sure he’s our best friend now.

Erin Schirack: Putting Chicago’s Trainers On The National Stage via Chi-Society

With the big goal to give Chicago’s fitness instructors a platform, you’ll hear from one of Chi-Society’s co-founders.

I Spent My Quarantine Starting to Heal the Trauma From My Sexual Assault

aSweatLife’s founder shares her own journey of healing from sexual assault.

The Obsession That Led Rebecca Balyasny to create FitTech Platform Bande

The Founder and CEO of FitTech upstart Bande joins us on the podcast to talk about what drove her to start a social network of boutique fitness.

Our Biggest Women’s Health Questions Answered with Pandia Health, Stix, and Dr. Roohi Jeelani from Vios Fertility

On International Women’s Day, we set out to unearth the mysteries of women’s health with a panel of experts.

New FitTech Offering Bande To Create the Social Network of Live-Streaming Fitness Classes

Working to bring community, the best coaches, tech and talent to streaming fitness, meet Bande.

March 30: Join us and Learn to Use Rituals to Make Life More Meaningful

We’ve been reading “The Power of Rituals” as a team and March 30, we’ll share what we’ve learned.

The Celebrations We Missed Contest With Michelob Ultra is Still Open

Entries for the Celebrations you Missed Contest with Michelob ULTRA are open all year and we want to brighten up your life.

Nadya Okamoto, 23-Year-Old Serial Entrepreneur Obsessed With Period Health

In this week’s episode of #WeGotGoals, catch a behind-the-scenes listen from Nadya Okamoto’s talk at the #Sweatworking Summit.

Nicole Cardoza on Equity in wellness and how she started Anti-Racism Daily

If you weren’t able to hear the keynote talk at the #Sweatworking Summit, this episode of the podcast is for you.

Natali Villaruel, Khadijah Diggs, Erin Hamilton and John Young Discuss Triathlon and the Obstacles that Threatened to Keep Them Out

This week’s episode of #WeGotGoals features the #Sweatworking Summit’s panel with triathletes who face extra obstacles at the starting line.

Shanna Missett Nelson, President of Jazzercise on Building a Fitness Business to Last

On this week’s episode of #WeGotGoals, we dig into how this dance phenom built staying power.


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