5 Scorpio Traits to Channel This Year

It’s Scorpio season, so it’s time to start thinking and acting like Scorpio to make the most of the next couple of weeks. And the good news is Scorpio actually has several advantageous traits that can make a huge positive difference in anyone’s life, whether they’re Scorpio or not. 

Scorpio is known for being bold, dominant, and driven; whatever they put their minds to they can accomplish. And we could all use a bit of that momentum—especially as the temperature drops and it becomes real easy to just stay in, hibernate, and binge Netflix all day long.

Here are the key Scorpio traits to channel this season so you can work through self-discovery and conquer what you set your mind to, courtesy of astrologer Skye Alexander, the author of Magickal Astrology.

scorpio traits


“Astrologers often use the symbol of the phoenix rising from the ashes for Scorpio, because it’s the sign of destruction and regeneration. In order for something new to be born, something old must die,” Alexander says. 

People born under this sign often go through a number of significant life changes, redefining themselves as they overcome setbacks or losses. This season, you can channel the transformative energy of Scorpio to squash an unwanted habit, leave an unhealthy relationship, or ditch an unfulfilling job with the intention of moving on to a better and happier future. 


“No zodiac sign brings more power with it than Scorpio. People born under this sign exude personal power. Strong-willed and intense, they’re often loners, but can be strong leaders because they inspire others with their fearlessness,” Alexander explains. 

This season, Scorpio’s energy can let you connect with your own power, both inner and outer. What’s more, you might even discover a reserve of strength you didn’t realize you had!

“Let this sign’s power help you face situations that scare you and overcome obstacles or adversaries,” she says.


Known for their passionate natures, Scorpio never does anything halfway.

“This all-or-nothing sign combines emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual passion, enabling you to give your all to any endeavor,” Alexander says. 

Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, expressing your creative talents, or going for the gold in an athletic event, Scorpio’s energy fires up your passion and carries you toward your goal. 

You can also add passion to your romantic life, spicing things up for date nights and in the bedroom!

“Romantic relationships gain depth and excitement under Scorpio’s influence—Scorpio is known as the sex sign of the zodiac,” she says. If you’re on a spiritual quest, channel this energy for self-realization and with your special someone. 


“Scorpio energy is tremendously focused––people born under this sign don’t give up, no matter the odds, and through sheer force of will they usually succeed,” Alexander shares. 

Do you have a goal that seems scary AF but you also want it real bad? Well, tap into the dynamic energy of this season to help you avoid distractions or discouragement and to stay on track. 

“Scorpio’s razor-sharp clarity lets you cut through the small stuff and focus on what’s important. By giving it your all and persevering, you can achieve more than you thought possible,” she says.


“Like the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is linked with intuition. People born under this sign have a keen ability to see into people and situations, and to know things that aren’t apparent on the surface,” Alexander tells us. 

Be observant and try not to miss a thing by being out of touch. This season, you may feel more intuitive than usual—and you should go with it. Pay attention to so-called coincidences and think about what they mean. 

“Examine your dreams for guidance. Nurture your inner knowing through meditation or work on developing your psychic skills. What you learn now can help you in the future,” she says. 

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