4 Ways that Working Out Makes You More Satisfied in Bed

Basically, if you put in a few reps of squats and push-ups at the gym, you’ll be able to last a few extra rounds in the sheets, too.

“Sex and exercise are intrinsically linked. Sex is many things, but distilled to its most basic form, sex is a physical activity. That’s the main reason exercise of any kind is so beneficial when it comes to your sex life,” says Stephanie Salyers, a sexuality educator and SAR certified sex coach.

What’s more, research has shown that regular exercise can increase libido and raise the level of endorphins, or mood-boosting hormones, which can spark arousal, she explains. So, you’ll be friskier and more agile, where you can really have some fun.

The best part? You don’t have to get on an Olympian-level regimen to get the transformative, orgasmic benefits. Incorporating a few simple exercises daily can improve your sex life and intensify those O’s.

how working out makes you more satisfied in bed

Working Out Strengthens the Pelvic Floor

“There seems to be a new type of yoga studio popping up everyday but the good news is that almost any style you choose will help relax your body and mind, increase your strength and help eliminate toxins- all of which are great for sexual health,” Salyers says.

What’s more, one of the unique benefits of yoga in relation to your sex life rests within what yogis call your “root chakra.” “Think of this area of the body as a triangle between your belly button, anus and genitals. When you engage the muscles and bring awareness to the area, you are activating your kegel muscles,” she says.

Exercise Makes Orgasms More Powerful

As you squeeze and lift, you bring blood flow to the region and strengthen your pelvic floor, which will increase orgasms, Salyers explains. “For women, this practice has many benefits and one of the happens to be intensified orgasms. Studies have also shown that men who follow this practice regularly have better body awareness and control over their orgasmic response so they stay erect longer before they climax,” Salyers explains.

Try Cat/Cow and Eagle to start if doing yoga. “Eagle pose actually restricts blood flow and coming out of it has a tourniquet effect and blood rushes to the genitals,” she adds. Want some gadget play? “To mimic this effect in the bedroom, I recommend women try Doc Johnson’s Automatic Vibrating Pussy Pump before engaging in sex. The concentrated blood flow increase engorges the clitoris and heightens sensitivity of the outer and inner labia,” she suggests.

It Builds Endurance and Stamina

“A healthy heart makes for healthy romantic romp with your partner because regularly increasing your heart rate builds stamina,” Salyers explains.

Doing 60 minutes of moderate level cardio 3-4 times per week is shown to drastically increase not only stamina, but also sexual satisfaction overall, and it’ll heighten the pleasure of an orgasm, she says.

If you really hate cardio, try doing something fun like dancing. You can also recruit your partner. “Exercise buddies are always a good idea, but when romantic partners sweat together they bond emotionally and physically by synchronizing their bodies. So a quick jog keeping pace with your partner can lead to much better sex,” she advises. Try running, aerobics, spin, or HIIT class.

It Gets You Into New Positions

“While every exercise can improve your overall sexual health and satisfaction, high-intensity workouts with varied movements are extremely beneficial for this,” Salyers says.

“Doing even a weekly CrossFit or Boot Camp style class will have your body working overtime to use new muscles and adapt to the ever-changing action. This can be similar to really intense, athletic sex,” she explains.

And as you get fitter and shock your body, using new muscles, you can apply those to more challenging positions. “Different sex positions are like different exercises, using different muscles, so if you like to switch it up a lot, whole body physical training is the way to go,” she says,



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