(CLOSED) Enter for a Chance to Win the Top-Secret Sunday Scaries “Cuddle Bundle”!

[The post was created in partnership with Sunday Scaries – as always, we only write about the products that we actually like and endorse. If you like it too, you can try their CBD bath bombs, Bra Bearies CBD gummies, or CBD candy for yourself with code LIFE20 and get 20% off. ]

Whether you’re in a relationship, a situation-ship, or ready for a Vaxxed Girl Summer and all the mingling that entails, one thing’s for sure: the way to a new lover’s heart is through gift giving. For example, I knew my boyfriend was a keeper when he surprised me with a gigantic replica Nike shoebox to hold my 20+ pairs of running shoes for the holidays one year. A keeper, I tell you.

But if you’re not into woodworking, there are other ways to impress a potential summer fling. Like, a curated selection of CBD products made with cuddling in mind. Or, you know… what happens after cuddling.

Here’s the thing: for a lot of people (especially people who identify as women), anxiety surrounding sex is a very real thing. Feeling relaxed about hitting the sheets is key to feeling aroused—so if you’re taking care of your mental health, your sex life is also likely to benefit. And as we know, taking CBD regularly has the potential to treat anxiety. Plus, CBD may even boost a neurotransmitter called anandamide (the “bliss” neurotransmitter), which is associated with oxytocin—the cuddle hormone. So, you feel happier, more relaxed, and more able to be present in the moment. 

Got someone in mind you want to share your CB(e)D with? We’re partnering with Sunday Scaries to give 10 lucky winners two Cuddle Bundle prize packages—one for you, one for your summer fling. Each bundle consists of 1 “Tub Cub” CBD bath bomb, 1 bottle of “Bra Bearies” (their delicious strawberry gummies), and 1 package of their Unicorn Jerky CBD candy—sweets for your sweet. Pair with some fresh flowers and present with a flourish to whoever you’re hanging out with right now—it’s a grand romantic gesture that just might pay off. 

We’ll choose 10 total winners, and this giveaway closes 7/4. Enter below!

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