How Celebrity Trainer Autumn Calabrese Makes Progress On Her Goals

“Progress comes under stress,” the Beachbody Super Trainer tells us.

How State and Liberty’s Co-Founders Thought Outside of the Box-y Men’s Dress Shirt

“We hated every dress shirt we’d ever had to wear.”

How This Chicago Yogi Fuses Music With Movement With Trap Yoga

“I wasn’t necessarily aware that I was developing Trap Yoga when I was developing it,” the Trap Yoga creator tells us.

11/23, Exchange312: The Second Annual aSweatLife Holiday Pop-Up

Save the date! Join us for our second annual holiday pop-up on Saturday, November 23, at Exchange312.

Carrie Jackson Cheadle and Cindy Kuzma on Mentally Recovering from Injury to Get Better, Faster, and Stronger

Chances are, if you’ve been a runner, a cyclist, or even a studio fitness-er for a decent amount of time, you’ve battled injury at some point. In their new book […]

This Is What You Should Pack for Your Marathon Day

Including easy-to-use checklists for your personal race day packing.

4 Tips for Managing Clutter From Gretchen Rubin, Author of Outer Order, Inner Calm

The happiness and habits expert schools us on how to contain the clutter in our homes.

How CBD Is Changing The Way You Get It On

CBD for sex? Yep, we’re talking about it.

How Anna Renderer, Host of POPSUGAR Fitness, Helps Others Live a High Performance Life

We talk to the bubbly go-getter about her best tips for high performance, being more productive as a mom, and more.

Join Us For a Chicago Marathon Shakeout Run with Dustin and Tyler from The Bachelorette!

Will you accept these running shoes?

Jill Dailey, Founder of The Dailey Method, On Leading with Vulnerability, Working with Women, and the Future of Boutique Fitness

Jill Dailey opened The Dailey Method in 2000, making it the first barre studio on the West Coast—here’s what she’s learned since then.

How Fitness Research Stacks Up: Comparing our State of Fitness to MINDBODY’s Fitness in America Report

We compared and analyzed a ton of fitness data to get a hold on what’s currently trending in the $30 billion fitness industry.


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