[Listen] Why A Dose Of Morning Nature Is Just What You Need

Here’s why a dose of nature is so beneficial in the AM.

[Listen] Make Your At-Home Workouts Something to Look Forward to With This Tip

A sweetgreen marketer and Shadowbox instructor shares how she’s making her at-home workout space more enticing.

Thursday, 4/9: Illustrate Your Own Characters Art Workshop + Creativity Yoga Flow

Join artist Eric Friedensohn, yoga instructor Maggie Umberger, Muros and aSweatLife for a creative yoga flow and live virtual art workshop!

[Listen] Add This Soothing Ritual to Your Nighttime Routine

Kristen and guest Kelly Matkovich do a deep dive on baths.

[Listen] A Nike Master Trainer’s Advice on Reframing What Success Looks Like

Kate Lemere, Nike Master Trainer and Director of Marketing at Barry’s, has one recommendation for high achievers right now: reframe what success looks like.

[Listen] How to be More Like Your Dog

Welcome to the Daily Distance a new daily series from the creators of #WeGotGoals. In these short episodes, we’re bringing you one daily goal you can set for yourself during […]

[Listen] Why Phone Calls Are Crucial For Positivity and Personal Connections

In this podcast episode, Kristen chats with Gideon Akande, a Men’s Health top trainer, RIPTENSITY program creator, and Shadowbox Chicago founding instructor.

[Listen] How to *Actually* Succeed at Your At-Home Workouts

Rae Reichlin, aka the lady of lifting, tells us how to stay accountable to our at-home workouts.

[Listen] Try This to Create Space for Happiness

Today, try doing the opposite of stocking up on toilet paper and canned goods.

[Listen] One Way to “Take Advantage” of Social Distancing (And No, It’s Not a Productivity Hack)

Hear why Cindy Kuzma thinks you should slooooooow down.

[Listen] How A Professional Organizer Recommends You Clear Your Pantry and Freezer

Tips from a professional organizer about where she thinks you should focus on clearing your clutter.

[Listen] Why You Should Host a Virtual Happy Hour With Your Friends

After a slight detour into the world of TIkTok, Dawn Jackson Blatner recommends virtual happy hours with friends.


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