Tuesday, 1/19, 6pm Central: Intermittent Fasting 101 for Women with Fastful

Got questions about intermittent fasting? We’re bringing in experts to get them answered!

Cheers to the Celebrations You Missed with Michelob ULTRA!

Enter for a chance to win MAJOR prizes from Michelob ULTRA to help you celebrate everything 2020 f’ed up.

MyStrongCircle Offers Fitness Lovers Variety, Community, and Unlimited Access

Plus, how the company has been able to pivot (and improve) during the pandemic.

Peloton Tread vs Tread+: Which One Is Right For You?

Plus, Peloton Tread instructor Jess King shares her tips for staying on top of your home workout routine.

How Colleen Werner, CEO of Lulafit, Built A Company She Wanted to Work For

Plus, how she’s leaned into being an empathetic leader during the pandemic.

How This Company is Changing the Way You Think About Intermittent Fasting

Does intermittent fasting intimidate you? This bar just might be your secret weapon.

For the Person Who’s Developing Their Green Thumb: Norfolk Island Pine, The Sill

Bonus: get Christmas tree vibes all year long.

Gift Guides, Day 12: For the Future Iron Chef Contestant

Chefs, pack up your knives—this Wusthof set is coming to grace your kitchen countertops.

Gift Guides, Day 11: For the New Digital Nomad

The perfect gift for any guy or gal who hit the road this year.

Gift Guides, Day 10: For the Person Who Talks to Their Dog Like a Child

Because literally everyone we know got a dog this year.

The State of Fitness During the Global COVID-19 Pandemic: Part 2

Here’s what consumers are spending, how much they’re investing in at-home equipment, and whether they’ve returned to a gym yet.

Gift Guides, Day 9: For the Person Who’s ALWAYS Cold

I said brrr, it’s cold in here… but not when you’re wrapped up in this gift.


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