Join Us For Mental Health Awareness Month with Mini “Challenges” Every Day

This May marks the 60th annual Mental Health Awareness Month. Each year, the month raises awareness for the prevalence of mental health illnesses within our culture, but it also aims to educate the public on management tools, mental health and wellness practices, and to remove the stigma around such illnesses that affect so many Americans.

That’s why each full week in May, we’re bringing you a short week-long challenge with a different theme that has to do with your mental health and well-being. And each day, we’ve come up with one small “challenge” to accomplish during the week that is in line with the theme.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Here are the themes each week in May:

Here’s what’s happening during each week:

Every Sunday, you’ll get an email in your inbox that sets up the theme of the week. You’ll be able to read more details on all five mini challenges of the week (one for each day, Monday – Friday of the week beginning Monday, May 6).

You’ll also get a downloadable Instagram Story template you can share with your communities to let them know how you’re completing the challenge. For instance, when you complete “Challenge 1” on the first Monday, May 6, mark a big check mark next to the task on your Instagram Story template.

Be sure to subscribe to our emails to receive your weekly challenge in your inbox on Sundays in May.

Here’s what you’ll get from the challenges: 

There will be a few challenges that ask you to journal for five minutes, or take a walk during lunch (or even eat lunch with a co-worker you may not know well yet!). But in addition to those small tasks, you have access to nine free workouts, meditations, and other resources on the SweatWorking App. Those nine workouts appear throughout the month as daily challenges, but you’ll have access to them all month long. And since they’re *free* for everyone, please, feel free to share them with your friends, co-workers, and pals.

Here’s the best part about completing the SweatWorking App workouts during Mental Health Awareness Month:

For every one of those nine workouts complete during the month of May, we’re going to donate $1.29 to NoStigmas, a non-profit that raises awareness for, brings education to, and creates community for those dealing with mental health illnesses so that no one has to face them alone. And that number, $1.29, isn’t random. On average, there are about 129 suicides every day in the U.S., and suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. It is an all too scary number, but one that reminds us how important it is to dedicate our time and efforts towards helping those with mental health illnesses. And when we join hands and work together, our impact is amplified.

Here are the 9 free workouts on the SweatWorking App:

This May, we hope you’ll join us in taking on the challenge to dedicate each day towards doing something to improve your own mental health and wellness, and with these daily challenges, giving someone else the chance to better their own too. The challenge starts May 5!


*While you can impact your happiness, It’s important to note that depression or any other form of mental illness is something that you should talk to a trained medical professional about – especially if you’re feeling down for an extended period of time. Find a counselor, a therapist or someone else who is trained to help.

Let us know!

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