This 15-Minute BoxUnion Workout Packs a Punch

We’re missing the heavy bags at our local boxing studio, and we’re betting you are too. Luckily, West Coast box-to-the-beat studio BoxUnion came to our rescue with this short, no-equipment boxing workout featuring Coach Lany Herman. All you need is 15 minutes and a little bit of space—and if you try it, tag us @asweatlife so we can cheer you on!

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Want more of BoxUnion? Check out BoxUnion’s website, where you can find their digital workouts (plus, promo code STAYSTRONG gets you two months after your 14-day trial for just $20). And your workout will do good, too—20 percent of BoxUnion’s revenue for June will be donated to the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, which aims to eradicate stigma around mental health issues within the African American Community.

Move #1: Jab-Cross As Fast As Possible

Non-stop jab cross as fast as possible! In your fighter stance, fully extend your straight punches, rotating through your core and staying grounded through your stance, working on speed!

Move #2: Push-Up into Shoulder Taps

Perform one pushup on your toes or modify to knees, then hold your plank and tap your opposite shoulder. Stabilize your core by limiting any rotation, keep your hips square to the floor. 

Move #3: Hop-Hop Squat

Perform 2 hops, like you would when you jump rope then 1 squat. Light on the toes when hopping then land light into a squat position; feet just outside hip width, knees tracking the toes and neutral spine. 

Move #4: 10 Straight Punches + 1 Burpee

Perform 10 straight punches in your fighters stance then square up in a wide athletic stance and perform 1 burpee. Hands under shoulders, hop the legs out into a high plank position, jump the legs in so the feet land outside of your hand in a squat position and drive through your legs into a power squat jump.

Move #5: Sit-Up, Punch, Punch

Sit up position, lying on your back with feet hid width apart, knees bent, hands behind your head, elbows wide, perform one sit up, at the top of your sit up punch and rotate (jab – cross). As you punch rotate your core and extend your punch!

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