Try These New Moves: A 30-Minute Workout with Dumbbells and a Treadmill

And on Wednesdays, we get funky with our workouts. Some of these moves you’ve seen before and others have a slightly more complex take on a simpler move. Have fun with this 30-minute workout and let us know which moves you like! We’d love to hear.

You’ll need a treadmill (or space for your own bodyweight cardio moves of choice if no treadmill is available) and a set of medium to heavy dumbbells. 

If you’re going non-treadmill cardio version of the workout, set a timer for 90 seconds to work through the cardio portion. Need some inspiration for non-treadmill cardio moves? Pick and choose from here.

Here’s what the workout looks like:

You’ll start with a dynamic warm-up to prepare you for a treadmill sprint.

Then, run .2 on the treadmill. Next, go through 10 reps of each of the following moves:

  1. Weighted burpees
  2. Wide overhead press
  3. Sumo squats oblique crunches (right side and left side = 1 rep)
  4. Bear crawls + weight push (forward and back = 1 rep)
  5. Hovering scissor twist (twisting right and left = 1 rep)
  6. 1-arm snatches right arm
  7. 1-arm snatches left arm
  8. Plank hip dips right
  9. Plank hip dips left

Once you complete 10 reps of everything, sprint .2 on the treadmill again. Then go back to the listed moves and complete 8 reps of everything.

Continue with this formula, running .2 (or choosing another cardio move for 90 seconds) and going through all the moves at 10 reps, 8, 6, 4 then finally 2.

Bonus! Gauge how much time it took you and decide if you want to take on a finisher by going through one last round, completing 10 reps of everything again.

Here are the moves:

Weighted burpees: Just like with a regular burpee, squat down and grab your set of weights. Gently jump back to a plank without locking out your knees. Lower down to a push-up with your hands on the weights and then hop your feet gently in, just outside your hands. Stand up all the way holding the weights – leaving out the jump (especially if you have heavier weights).

Wide overhead press: Start with weights at your chest, raise them up to your shoulders safely, then bring them out so that your palms face forward and elbows are in line with shoulders. From there, exhale as you drive the weights straight over head, keeping wrists and elbows straight. Inhale as you lower the weights back down to “field goal” position, elbows in line with shoulder. Maintain control as you descend each time. asweatlife_30minutedescending_wideohpress1

Sumo squat oblique crunches: Squat down into a sumo squat (toes out, heels in, externally rotating from the hips so your knees track over your toes) and stay as low as you can as you crunch your right elbow to your right thigh, then back through center and take it to the left. Option to hold on to your dumbbells behind your legs as you lower down. One crunch to the right & left = 1 rep.bodyweight ab workout
bodyweight ab workout
bodyweight ab workout
bodyweight ab workout

Bear crawl + weight push: Start in a bear crawl stance, on all fours, knees bent with one dumbbell in between your hands. Push the weight forward and bear crawl yourself to the weight. Then push the weight again with your opposite hand and continue crawling. Set the distance you want to reach with your bear crawls before you begin and once you reach the end, reverse the motion by pulling the weight backwards and crawling backwards until you reach your starting position. Crawling forward & back together = 1 rep.     asweatlife_30minutedescending_bearcrawl1

Hovering scissor twist: Like a bicycle crunch, extend one leg out to hover as you lift your shoulders off the ground and twist across your body. Your top leg will be straight instead of bent, though, and you’ll extend your arms forward and across your body. Switch on every exhale, keeping legs as straight as possible the whole time. One crunch to the right & left = 1 rep.
asweatlife_30minutedescending_scissor1 asweatlife_30minutedescending_scissor2

Snatches: Start with one of your dumbbells on the ground. Squat down and grab the weight. Pressing up quickly from your squat, create momentum using your legs and pull the weight straight up along your body and overhead. Bring your arm into a locked-out position with your shoulders stacked over hips. Bend your knees as the weight travels back down your body and you land back in your squat. Do all of your reps on the right then all your reps on the left.

There are a lot of intricacies to the dumbbell snatch, so if you’ve never done these before, watch this video.  asweatlife_inverted_snatch1
asweatlife_inverted_snatch4asweatlife_inverted_snatch2 asweatlife_inverted_snatch3

Plank hip dips: From a forearm plank with shoulders stacked over elbows – keep this position and dip just your hips over towards the right as far as you can then come back to center. Keep going from right to center for all of your reps on one side. Then switch to dipping your hips to the left.
asweatlife_30minute-descending_plankright asweatlife_30minutedescending_neutralplank asweatlife_30minutedescending_plankleft

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)


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