A Treadmill-Free, Cardio-Blast Workout in 30 Minutes

If you’re feeling up for a cardio workout but don’t want to hop on a treadmill or sit on a bike for 30 minutes, rest assured, you’ve got other options. This cardio blast workout will get your heart rate up with a few longer bodyweight exercise intervals and will have you sweating in no time.

Grab a timer. It’s going to get you through the next 30 minutes. You’ll go through 10 moves for decreasing increments of time. The first and last exercises are the only moves that won’t be set to a specific amount of time.

Challenge yourself to work until the end of the allotted time! Sometimes, it’s those last 10 seconds when you really just want to quit that end up making you feel the most proud at the end of a workout.

Here’s the workout:

You’ll start off each round with 10 runner sprints, then go through the timed intervals of exercises 2-9. Your final exercise (V-Ups) will be performed until failure. Then you’ll start right back at the top with runner sprints. After three total rounds of all 10 movements, you’re done! 

  1. Do one of these two sprint options:
  • Option 1: You’ll either do 10 sprints somewhere as shuttle runs, meaning you’ll sprint back and forth approximately 10 meters, touching down to the ground before you turn and run in the other direction. Every time you touch down on the ground at the end of a sprint you count as 1 of your 10 reps.
  • option 2: Run a set of stairs (try for 3 flights) 5 times.


2.  90 seconds: Star crunch
3.  80 seconds: Chest-to-floor burpee
4.  70 seconds: Rainbow lunges
5.  60 seconds: Lateral bounds
6.  50 seconds: Inchworms
7.  40 seconds: Froggers
8.  30 seconds: Mountain climbers
9.  20 seconds: Squat jacks


10. V-up until failure

Here are the moves:

After you do 10 shuttle runs or stairs:

2. Star crunch: Lie on your back in the shape of an “X.” Crunch up, lifting your right leg up 45 degrees and reach your left hand towards your right leg. You can add more to the crunch by adding a twist and reaching your right arm back (as pictured). Return to the floor in an “X” and alternate on the left side.

3. Chest-to-floor burpee: Start standing. Squat, place your hands on the floor and hop back to a plank (knees slightly bent to protect your low back). Lower down all the way to the ground. Option to release your hands to a hover for a brief second before pressing your body all the way up to a plank again, hopping your feet back up to your squat position outside of your hands, then stand or jump up.
asweatlife_cardiotimer_burpee2asweatlife_cardiotimer_burpee5 asweatlife_cardiotimer_burpee4 asweatlife_cardiotimer_burpee3

4. Rainbow lunges: Lunge to the right and tap your left hand on the ground. Jump up in the air and turn over your left shoulder to land in a lunge with the left foot forward, right hand on the ground.
asweatlife_cardiotimer_rainbowlunge3 asweatlife_cardiotimer_rainbowlunge2 asweatlife_cardiotimer_rainbowlunge1

5. Lateral bounds: Start with both feet together and bend you knees. Launch off two feet to leap to the left, landing again on both feet close together. Repeat the other way.
asweatlife_cardiotimer_lateralbound3 asweatlife_cardiotimer_lateralbound2 asweatlife_cardiotimer_lateralbound1

6. Inchworms: Start standing. Keeping your legs as straight as possible, bring your hands to the ground and walk out to a plank. Do a push-up and keeping your legs straight, walk your hands back to your feet and stand up.
asweatlife_cardiotimer_inchworm6 asweatlife_cardiotimer_inchworm5 asweatlife_cardiotimer_inchworm4 asweatlife_cardiotimer_inchworm3 asweatlife_cardiotimer_inchworm2 asweatlife_cardiotimer_inchworm1

7. Froggers: Come down to a squat position. Plant your hands on the ground, lightly hop back to a plank, then hop your feet back to the original squat position and lift your hands off the ground (check to make sure your weight is in your heels and your abs are engaged). Repeat this motion, staying low in your squat or plank the whole time.

asweatlife_cardiotimer_frogger4 asweatlife_cardiotimer_frogger3 asweatlife_cardiotimer_frogger2 asweatlife_cardiotimer_frogger1

8. Mountain climbers: From a plank position, bring one knee into your chest, then switch quickly to the other knee into your chest. Repeat as quickly or slowly as you want, focusing on your core and keeping your shoulders lined up right over your wrists the whole time.asweatlife_cardiotimer_mtnclimber2 asweatlife_cardiotimer_mountainclimber1

9. Squat jacks: With your feet together, lift your arms straight up. As you exhale, drop down to a squat and tap your hands as close to outside your ankles as possible, keeping you chest as lifted as possible. Then jump feet back together and lift arms back up. Jumping jacks are the modification.
asweatlife_cardiotimer_squatjack2 asweatlife_cardiotimer_squatjack1


10. V-Ups until failure (to the best of your ability, perform perfect form V-Ups or V-Up modifications until you can’t anymore): For the modification, lie back on your forearms with legs extended and hovering. As you exhale, draw your knees into your chest and lift your torso up. For the full V-Up, extend your arms past your ears with shoulder lifted, feet hovering off the ground. As you exhale, lift all the way up to tap fingertips to toes and inhale on the way down.

(V-up modification)
asweatlife_cardiotimer_vupmod2 asweatlife_cardiotimer_vupmod1

(Full V-up)

asweatlife_cardiotimer_vup2 asweatlife_cardiotimer_vup1

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(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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