How to Create Your Own Strength Workout Routine at Home with a Nike Master Trainer David Carson

We’re here for your 2021 goals that are additive – that make your life richer, that give you the mental and physical strength you need to move mountains. That’s why we worked with David Carson to create a workshop that’s meant to empower YOU to create your own strength workout routine at home.

And, to make this workshop even more exciting, we’re partnering with BODYARMOR LYTE to amplify the brand’s Commit 2 Fit movement this year (which you’ll hear more about soon).

BODYARMOR LYTE has no artificial sweeteners, no sugar added, and only 20 calories per bottle. This workshop will accomplish a lot in 45 minutes. David Carson will talk through the must haves at every budget for your home gym, how to program your workouts to get stronger, the ways to test your strength, how to create a strength workout routine yourself, how to warm up for your strength training workouts, and more. He’ll also field your questions, which you’ll have a chance to ask before as you sign up for the workshop and during if you think of something new.

Why David is the perfect person for this workshop: David Carson is a high-performance athlete who helps to create high performance athletes. As a former professional basketball player and current Nike Master Trainer, he keeps his sights set on real, achievable goals – like speed and strength – and he’ll get you jumping out of your home gym. You can find him training at On Your Mark and through his own brand 24Life. He also put a vegetarian cookbook out with his mom and we’ll never stop loving him for that.

Why BODYARMOR LYTE is the perfect partner for this workshop: BODYARMOR LYTE is made of just what you need to hydrate during a tough at-home workout and none of the stuff you don’t need. Without any sugar or artificial sweeteners, you won’t get the post chug sugar-crash (just us?).

Follow David on Instagram and on his​ website.

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