Take on the SweatWorking App and Reebok Chicago’s Fast Feet Challenge

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aSweatLife’s very own SweatWorking App is partnering with Reebok Chicago for a challenge built around speed, agility and getting you the fastest feet around. All with just your bodyweight. Starting March 12, train with the best coaches and stay motivated through the team dashboard in our 21-day fitness challenge, #FastFeetChi.

The best part? You can join our #FastFeetChi team. You and your teammates can track each other’s progress and hold each other accountable on the team’s dashboard. Invite your friends and get your fast feet together!

The coaches:

This challenge is made up of workouts by coaches you’ll immediately want to be friends with (if you aren’t already) and will keep your heart rate racing for three weeks. These coaches include badasses with names like:

The workouts:  

  • These workouts are all about moving like an athlete, picking up your pace, picking up your feet and – most importantly – feeling like your best self.
  • You’ll get nine totally unique workouts – that’s three heart-pumping workouts each week, allowing you to get in the other workouts you love

The perks:

  • You’ll get a special 25% off Reebok discount code*
  • A chance to win prizes weekly and a grand prize at the end of the challenge
  • Best of all, you’ll get a team to hold you accountable and keep you motivated

Ready to go?

Sign up for the Fast Feet Challenge here!

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