Finding a Routine and Community Through BBG Workouts

A few years ago I discovered Instagram and fell in love with it.  That was during the time I was struggling to find balance and build a fitness routine.  Around that time, I also started to see the name Kayla Itsines and “BBG” on Instagram.  I was curious and wanted to learn more.  BBG – the Bikini Body Guide – by Kayla Itsines is a 12-week plan composed of 28-minute workouts. I tried out the BBG workouts and learned right away that the workouts were definitely not easy! 

But I fell in love with each hard workout. Here’s how and why.

BBG workouts

When I purchased the guide, I felt like a kid getting a new toy.  It was something new to play with. I was ready for my first week of workouts. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was not disappointed. Let’s just say, those first couple of workouts kicked my butt.  I made it to week four, but I then started to lose motivation to do the workouts alone. 

Then I found the Facebook groups.

There were so many groups, in fact, it was hard to pick which one to join. After selecting one of the “BBG” support groups and a meet-up group in Chicago, I realized I was not the only one who struggled with the workouts.  I was able to meet girls from Australia, the U.K., Switzerland and many other countries.  We all had questions and wanted to know how others were doing. Our connection expanded beyond the workouts to questions about health, recommendations and advice.  We all bonded over one program but it went further.  This community opened my eyes to how much a program could reach and bond thousands of girls across the world.

I was even more ecstatic to have a meet-up here in Chicago. I attended my first meet-up in January 2016 and have kept returning to them since then.  The Chicago community is great.  We make up a group of a lot of women all at different levels of fitness, bonded over the BBG workout. Each person works at their own pace, modifications are made and everyone is welcome. At the most recent meet-up at Nike+ Chicago, we completed a Nike workout and all had a great time.

BBG workouts

I asked two girls afterwards what they liked so much about BBG and what keeps them involved. Mary really likes the “fast results as well as knowing that the workouts are already made and not having to worry about building a plan for the day.”  

Kassie, a certified personal trainer, had a similar response. She still likes “having a plan and something to do and having someone else tell her what to do.  Plus most people have the basic equipment at home to do the workouts,” she told me.

We have all met and been introduced to so many wonderful girls within the U.S. and internationally as well.  Some of the girls have traveled to other cities and attended meet-ups there. I found a community where I am happy, and get to meet other amazing girls who encourage and motivate each other.  One community across the world joined through a workout plan.  And as we say here at aSweatlife, everything is better with friends.

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