Fitness Apps to Keep You Going When You Can’t Make It to the Gym

I’m an app-hoarder. When I hear about an app, I download it, try it and usually leave in on a screen of my iPhone never to be found again.

The exception to that is fitness apps. I live for them. Why? It’s not just because I like to hear someone else count for me as I’m working out. Technology has done so much in my lifetime to enable access to information and guidance – and fitness technology has empowered people across the globe to get access to top-notch trainers even if they live continents apart.

This morning, I stopped by WCIU to talk about my love affair with apps. While there are too many to mention in one segment with the beautiful (and hilarious) Melissa Foreman and Jeanne Sparrow, I did include some favorites.

Cody offers some free online classes as well as paid on-demand fitness videos for purchase. These videos allow fitness enthusiasts to do everything from yoga to dance fitness to HIIT anywhere. You can also participate in challenges with Cody, like it’s current #NothingToProve challenge.

Good for: anyone who likes and needs the motivation of an instructor to keep working for an entire hour.

NTC is an app by Nike, free for users. It offers workouts based on your fitness level and training needs. With the NTC app, users can also create a training program that will hold you accountable to get in your mobility, strength and endurance workouts.

Good for: athletes who want to train for something specific like mobility, strength or endurance.

Aaptiv is different – all workout motivation is taking place in your ear as a coach or trainer tells you when to push, when to ease up and when to crank up your endurance. The app’s audio workout motivation is easy to use in your weight room, on your treadmill, on a stationary bike or if you’re ready to meditate.

Good for: people who have gym memberships, but want an extra push on the floor.

Sworkit users can either choose from one of the pre-built workouts on the app or create a workout with exercises within the app.

Good for: users who want to build their own programs, but could use a little inspiration along the way.

7-minute workout app was created as a part of the Johnson and Johnson Human Performance Institute. It’s entirely bodyweight based and there are versions of this app to benefit busy moms to busy professionals.

Good for: users who don’t have access to equipment or a ton of time and want to get in a solid workout.

Fit Radio curates continuous playlists built around the high BPM count that keeps athletes motivated. You can choose everything from oldies to hip hop to rock.

Good for: users who want to experience of a great playlist, but don’t have time to make one of their own.

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