Four EMOM Sets for Your Pre-Turkey Day Workout

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like around the holidays, time starts to tick by at a faster rate. Somehow the list of things to do just keeps growing and there never seems to be enough time in the day to get it done. It also seems like the first and easiest thing to cross off the list of to-dos is work out.

But I guarantee you, taking 30 minutes during the irregularity of holiday day plans and excursions to do something for yourself – like a workout – will add back a sense of normalcy and calm to your day. Decide now to keep up your fitness habits over the holidays instead of putting them on hold for an all out eat-until-you-pass-out fest (which is actually what makes you exhausted, not the tryptophan).

This is a 4-set EMOM – Every Minute On The Minute – workout mixed in with some plank variations to build your core strength. Let us know how you like this workout with this brief survey!

Here’s what you’ll do:

Start with set one. Set your timer for 60 seconds and complete each of the exercises in set one. You should have between 15-20 seconds left on your :60 timer to rest.

Next you’ll hit either a forearm or high plank for 60 seconds.

Then you’ll move onto set two of your EMOM sets, work as quickly as you can to finish your reps in 60 seconds and rest for whatever is left of it, then hit that 60 second forearm or high plank again.

Once you go through all four EMOM sets and do your last plank, you’ll start back at the top with set one and repeat everything three more times for a total of four rounds of each EMOM set.

These are the sets:

1. 16 Plank walks on med ball

:60 forearm plank

2. 16 wall balls (or squat thruster)

:60 high plank

3. 20 jumping jacks, 15 push-ups on med ball

:60 forearm plank

4. 15 burpees

:60 high plank

This is what it looks like:

Plank walks with feet on med ball: Place the balls of your feet on your med ball and set up in the top of a push-up position, shoulders over wrists. Engage your core and glutes to keep your hips stable and lower down to your right forearm, then left forearm. Press back up to the top of a push-up, right palm then left palm. That counts as one rep. Keep lowering right forearm, left forearm and pressing onto right palm then left palm for 8 rounds , then switch to lowering your left forearm first for the second 8 rounds (16 total).
asweatlife_medballemom_plankladder5 asweatlife_medballemom_plankladder4 asweatlife_medballemom_plankladder3 asweatlife_medballemom_plankladder2 asweatlife_medballemom_plankladder1

Forearm plank: Just as you would set up for your high plank, the same cues apply. This time, stack your shoulders right on top of your elbows, making your forearms create an “11” or two parallel lines.

Wall balls (or squat thruster): Holding one 10 – 14 pound medicine ball, stand as far back from the wall as it would take for you to outstretch your arms and touch the ball to the wall (see picture below for set-up). Bring the ball to your chest and squat down, keeping your weight in your feet. Exhale as you stand, drive through your heels, hamstrings and glutes and throw the ball from your chest up as far as you can onto the wall. To catch it, land back in your squat and bring the ball back to your chest. Make the motion as fluid as possible.

To modify, don’t release the ball from your hands, just perform a squat thruster by reaching your arms overhead while holding the ball when you stand up from your squat, or keep your arms at your chest the whole time and make this just a leg-focused move.
asweatlife_medballemom_wallballasweatlife_medballemom_wallball4 asweatlife_medballemom_wallball5

High plank: Bring your hands under your shoulders and your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Hold there.

Jumping jacks: Start from an athletic stance with feet close together. Jump your feet out wide and bring your hands over your head (for more, touch them overhead). Exhale as you jump your feet back together and bring hands back down (for more, touch them behind your back).
asweatlife_medballemoms_jumpingjack asweatlife_medballemoms_jumpingjacks

Push-ups on med ball: Starting with your hands on the med ball and your shoulders, hips and heels in a straight line. Lower down by bending your elbows until your chest touches the ball. It will feel like a diamond push-up, working your triceps. Press back up to your starting position. Remember, you can drop down to your knees at any point, but be sure to keep your body in a straight line there.
asweatlife_medballemom_pushup asweatlife_medballemom_pushup2

Burpees: Squat down, placing your hands on the ground and jump back into a plank. From there, lower down to the ground with your body in a straight line. Push back up, jump back forward and stand or jump at the top.
asweatlife_tenbytwenty_burpee1 asweatlife_tenbytwenty_burpee2 asweatlife_tenbytwenty_burpee3 asweatlife_tenbytwenty_burpee4

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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