Today’s 30-Minute No Equipment Workout: Set a Timer for 60 Seconds

A good, sweaty workout can get your blood pumping, endorphins flowing and productivity back on track. Sometimes, we just need a good sweat to kick everything back into gear. And most importantly, no equipment or special gym is necessary to get the benefits of a great workout.

No need to block off hours out of your day to make it happen, either. You don’t even need to plan the workout. This 30-minute bodyweight workout is full of compound movements which help you work harder, at a faster pace (and therefore, you need to spend less time actually doing it).

Whether you want to start your day with it or take a break somewhere in the middle, give this 10-exercise workout a shot and see how your mood and productivity during the day shifts.

Here’s your workout: 10 moves, 60 seconds per move, 3 rounds

Here’s the key. Be sure to warm up and rest when you need throughout, but technically you’re working for the entire 30 minutes.

  • Push-up to tap opposite shoulder
  • Lateral lunge to single-leg vertical hop (:30/:30)
  • Alternating crunch, reaching for toes
  • Sumo squat cross jumps
  • Modified froggers
  • Plyo jacks
  • Oblique crunches (:30/:30)
  • Lunge jump torso rotation
  • Breakdance push-up
  • High knees

After you finish each of the above moves, working for 60 seconds on each one, start back at the beginning to repeat everything a total of three times.

Here are all the moves:

Push-up to tap opposite shoulder: Set up in your plank. Do one push-up then while maintaining square hips tap your right hand to your left shoulder, then left hand to right shoulder.asweatlife_60secdrills_planktap1asweatlife_60secdrills_planktap2asweatlife_60secdrills_planktap4 asweatlife_60secdrills_planktap3

Lateral lunge to single-leg vertical hop (:30/:30): Start with a wide stance and bend your right knee, sinking your hips straight back and keeping your left leg straight. From this lateral lunge position, push down onto your extended left leg and jump up from the right leg straight up in the air, landing back in your lateral lunge. You can use runner arms to recruit more momentum. After 30 seconds, switch sides and lunge the other way. asweatlife_60secdrills_laterallunge1asweatlife_60secdrills_laterallunge2

(From the side you should see your butt goes straight back and both feet face forward, your bent knee should stay behind your toes, as shown below).asweatlife_60secdrills_laterallunge3

Alternating Crunch, reaching for your toes: Lie flat on your back with legs extended up to 90 degrees. Keep your feet flexed and reach your right hand for your left ankle, then keep shoulders off the mat as you rotate the other way, reaching your left hand for your right ankle.asweatlife_60secdrills_reachfortoes2 asweatlife_60secdrills_reachfortoes1

Sumo squat cross jumps: Separate your feet wide, toes out and knees tracking right over toes. Squat low into a sumo squat and from your low squat position, either jump your legs together and across (on the ground = version A) or scissor cross your legs in the air and land back in your sumo squat (in the air = version B). Switch which leg crosses in front each rep. asweatlife_60secdrills_sumosquat1

(Version A below)asweatlife_60secdrills_sumosquat3

(Version B below)asweatlife_60secdrills_sumosquat2

Modified froggers: From a plank position, step your right foot up and outside of your right hand, as far up by your wrist as possible. Engage your core muscles to hop switch your legs, landing left foot outside of left hand. A modification here is to not worry about getting your foot close up by your hand.

asweatlife_60secdrills_lizardswitch2 asweatlife_60secdrills_lizardswitch1

Plyo jacks: Start with feet together as a stable base. Swing arms out and up as you jump up, legs opening out to match your arm motion (a plyometric move). Jumping jacks are the modification.asweatlife_60secdrills_jackfly1 asweatlife_60secdrills_jackfly2 asweatlife_60secdrills_jackfly3

Oblique crunches (:30/:30): Begin lying on your right side, propped up on your right forearm. Place your left hand behind your head and with knees together, bring knees up towards your left elbow as you crunch. Perform 30 seconds on the right side, then 30 seconds on the left.

asweatlife_60secdrills_obliques2 asweatlife_60secdrills_obliques1

Lunge jump torso rotation: Lunge your left leg back with your arms at 90 degrees, palms overlapping. As you lunge, twist your torso to the right. Come back to center, then lunge your right leg back and rotate your torso left. Make this a continuous jumping movement, with the option to remove the center position, rotating from side to side as you alternate lunge jumps.

asweatlife_60secdrills_lungetwist3 asweatlife_60secdrills_lungetwist2 asweatlife_60secdrills_lungetwist1

Breakdance push-up: Do one push-up then step left foot across your body, blade edge of the foot on the ground and lift your right arm high. Return back to your plank, do another push-up and then cross your right foot through and lift left arm. Keep alternating for the full minute.asweatlife_60secdrills_planktap1 asweatlife_60secdrills_planktap2 asweatlife_60secdrills_breakdancepushup asweatlife_60secdrills_breakdancepushup2

High knees: From standing, bring your right knee as close up to your chest as possible and then switch legs. Keep switching as quickly as possible.asweatlife_60secdrills_highknees2 asweatlife_60secdrills_highknees1

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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