Get Your Tapering Jitters Out With This 30-Minute Tabata Workout

We’re bringing you a 30-minute workout every day in October. Grab a timer and get your daily sweat in with this quick, all-bodyweight Tabata workout.

I did this workout and I worked up a solid sweat and felt great going into the day without feeling totally spent by the end.

Here are your next 30 minutes:

Run 1 mile either outside or on the treadmill to warm up, or another 10 minute dynamic warm-up of your choice.

Then perform exercises A and B of the following sets, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, alternating between A and B for a total of 8 rounds. Count your reps of each exercise on the first round to use as your benchmark number of reps to aim to complete each subsequent round.

Using the first set as an example, It will look like this:

20 seconds of squat touchdowns, followed by a 10-second rest. Then 20 seconds of jack flys, followed by a 10-second rest. Repeat that 3 more times for a total of 8 20-second rounds (8 is the magic Tabata workout number.) Follow that same format for all 5 sets.

Set 1

A. Squat touchdowns
B. Jack flys

Set 2

A. Mountain climbers
B. High knees

Set 3

A. Jackknife crunch right side
B. Jackknife crunch left side

Set 4

A. Rainbow lunges
B. Donkey kicks

Set 5

A. Burpees
B. Boat hold


Here are the moves:

Squat touchdowns: Tap the ground in a low squat position. Hop your feet together as you stand upright. Then jump back out to a squat and tap the opposite hand down.bodyweight tabataasweatlife_bodyweighttabata_squattouchdown3


Jack Flys: Start with feet together as a stable base. Swing arms out and up as you jump up, legs opening out to match arm motion (a plymometric move). Jumping jacks are the modification.asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_jackfly1

Mountain Climbers: From plank position, alternate driving knees in towards your chest, keeping palms firmly pressed onto the ground and belly pulled toward your spine.

asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_mountainclimber2 asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_mountainclimber

High Knees: Alternate driving your knees in towards your chest, keeping shoulders over hips and chest lifted the whole time. asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_highknees2 asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_highknees1

Jackknife Crunch: Lie flat on your back with left arm extended by your ear. As you crunch up, bring your left arm and leg up at the same time to touch (you can bend your left knee or plant your right foot on the ground as a modification). Alternate sides each round.

asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_jackknife3asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_jackknife4 (Round 1)

asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_jackknife1asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_jackknife2(Round 2)

Rainbow lunges: Lunge to the right and tap your left hand on the ground. Jump up in the air and turn over your left shoulder to land in a lunge with the left foot forward, right hand on the ground. asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_rainbowlunge2 asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_rainbowlunge1

Donkey kicks: Start in an upside down V with your feet slightly to the left. Hop your feet up to stack your hips as close to on top of shoulders as possible, then lower your legs to the left. Your heels will make the shape of a “U” in the air.

asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_donkeykick1asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_donkeykick2 asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_donkeykick3

Burpees: Start standing. Jump up and land in a squat as a transition to place hands on the ground and jump back to a plank (if you jump back to a high plank, slightly bend knees to take care of your spine, or jump to a low plank as picture / full release chest to floor variation). Jump your feet back outside of your hands to land back in a squat and then jump back up in the air.

asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_burpee1 asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_burpee2 asweatlife_bodyweighttabata_burpee4


Boat hold: Start in a v-sit. Either keep your hands behind your knees, extend your arms and/or extend legs to straighten. Keep your chest lifted and back straight.


Want to pair this with another workout? We’ve got you covered. And every day in October we’re adding a new 30-minute workout to this list.

(Disclaimer: This workout is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician.)

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