Get Your Heart Rate Up with This Thousand-Rep Workout

For me, weekends usually consist of the intention to attend a workout class in a neighborhood far away because I’ve got the extra time to travel, but the reality of loving my comfy bed keeps me from always following through.

If I have a clearly laid out plan, a challenge that I know will be a tough workout that I don’t have to think much about in creating, I’m so much more likely to try it out.

Thousand-rep workouts are just that. Ever tried one? They aren’t too complex, just 10 different exercises that you perform 10 sets of, 10 rounds through. It takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour, but it doesn’t require any gym equipment and you will feel darn proud of yourself for completing 1,000 reps when you finish.

Today’s workout is of the 1,000-rep variety, and it incorporates a small, circular exercise band. Every exercise can be done without the band, it just adds a little something extra.

1. Squats – With band around ankles, try to keep your legs the same distance apart as you would for normal squats.


2. Tap outs from squat position – From the bottom of your lowest squat position, take a step out with your right foot, then back in, and repeat left. That makes up one set.

3. In and outs from plank position – With the band still around ankles, hop your feet in and out from a plank position, keeping the band tight the whole time.


4. Plank jacks – Maintain your plank position and just hop feet out and together 10 times.


5. Bicycles – Keep band around ankles, lie on your back and perform 10 bicycles (right & left = 1 set); using the band as resistance, it won’t move as much but will add difficulty!


6. Crunches legs in the air – Still lying on your back with legs straight up in the air, feet flexed and band around ankles, lift shoulder off the mat and keep elbows out wide and band pulled tight.


7. Band push-ups – Place band around upper arms and perform 10 push-ups. The band will keep you from going down as far but it will keep elbows wrapped in to work triceps.


8. Jumping lunges – With band still around upper arms, keep elbows shoulder height and perform 10 lunge jumps (or low impact reverse lunges)


9. Burpees (with optional tuck jump) – Place band back around ankles and try any variation of burpee that suits you.

10. Jumping jacks – Try to jump feet out as wide as you would in regular jumping jacks with your band around ankles.


Perform 10 repetitions of each of the above exercises to complete one round. Complete a total of 10 rounds and voila- you’ve just done a killer 1,000-rep workout.


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