21 Thoughts Every Runner Has During A -21 Degree Windchill Run

asweatlife_21 Thoughts Every Runner Has During A -21 Degree Windchill Run

“Goal of today’s workout: run as many miles as I have layers on.”

“I really hope I don’t have to go to the bathroom after all the time I just spent getting dressed.”

“It’s sunny outside. It can’t be that bad… wait, yes, it’s definitely that bad.”

“Okay, here we go. Here we go. Time to step outside now. Yup, any moment now, I’ll go outside and start my run. I’ll do it at the count of ten. No, fifty. No, maybe I should have a cup of hot chocolate first.”

“I’m running! I’m invincible! I laugh at you, mere mortals running on treadmills like hamsters. Bow to me!”

“F*c% windchill.”

“Where are all the people? This is like a scene out of The Day After Tomorrow or something. Am I the only one alive in the world right now?”

“‘Hot in Herre’? Really, shuffle? That’s rude.”

“OH MY GOD ANOTHER HUMAN! HI! HI HUMAN! I’M RUNNING TOO! LET’S HIGH FIVE!… oh. Or not, it’s cool. Next time!”

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“I definitely deserve to buy a new pair of shoes online when I get home.”

“Halfway point! So proud that I remembered to run into the wind first so that I’d have it at my back on the way home after I turned around. High-fiving a million angels!”

“Time to take a badass Instagram of the desolate lakefront path to show how tuff I am for running in extreme cold. Take that, nerds.”

“Remember that time I did hot yoga? That was neat.”

“Is there any truth to that old wives’ tale about your face freezing like that? If so, should I be smiling right now?”

“Okay shuffle, quit it. I love Ellie Goulding, but ‘Burn’ is not what I need to hear right now.”

“Wait! I take it back! Please, phone, don’t die because of the cold. I’m sorry. I’ll keep you in my innermost pocket for the rest of the run- hell, I’ll put you in my sports bra for ultimate body heat. Please, just come back to life.”

“Now I can’t panic-text my roommate to have a hot bowl of soup waiting for me the second I walk in the door. This blows.”

“Is warmth a thing? Has it ever really existed? Or was it all a construct in my mind?”

“Two blocks left! Just in time, I’m fairly certain that there’s an exposed bit of skin on my neck that’s gone numb and is potentially frostbitten. Better WebMD that.”

“That was the most miserable run of my life and I’m never doing it again…”

“…but honestly, eight miles on the treadmill would have been a lot worse.”

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