#SweatFor2015 and Share Your New Year’s Resolutions

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You’re probably already started to hear the question everyone asks around the end of the year every year: Are you making any New Year’s resolutions? We’re asking the same thing … and if you tell us, you just may win a fabulous prize.

I look at New Year’s Eve as a great time to check in on my goals and revisit what I’ve accomplished over the past year. This year, I’m focusing on going back to basics and re-cultivating some healthy habits and I’m pushing for a little more moderation on some other existing habits:

  • Make it to four morning workouts during the work week
  • Drink 8 full bottles of water per day
  • Cut coffee consumption back to 2 cups a day (Because quitting is not an option, but this habit is just an eeeeeensy bit out of control)
  • Limit the booze to 2 drinks maximum – because I’m getting old and I DO NOT have time for hangovers.

I could talk about goals all day, but what I really want to know is what YOU’RE resolving this New Year’s Eve.

Your challenge: If you tell us what you’re resolving to do in 2015 on Twitter or Instagram and use #Sweatfor2015 in your post, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a sweet prize. Want to try one new class a week? Great! Resolving to bring a friend to #sweatworking? We’re into it! Planning to start packing your lunch for work instead of buying it? Nice! Want to get your chin up over that pull-up bar by the end of the year? Get there.


Here are the details:

  1. Share your resolution on instagram or Twitter between 12/31/2014 and 1/2/2015.
  2. Be sure to use hashtag #Sweatfor2015
  3. Tag @asweatlife in your posts on Twitter and @FabFitChicago in your posts on Instagram.
  4. One lucky winner chosen at random will get a 5-class pack to Sweat on State and 5 free entries into #Sweatworking in 2015

(See rules)

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