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For many of us, myself included, 2014 was a year of milestones. From first-time marathons to PRs, group fitness beasts to doing a pull-up for the first time, we pushed ourselves farther than we ever thought possible, thanks to the help of our friends, our trainers, our virtual communities, our run clubs and more.

A Sweat Life Chiberia Challenge

In Chicago specifically, many of us achieved our 2014 fitness goals with the help of Nike Chicago and Nike+. With free fitness classes weekly at the downtown studio as well as studios across the city, Nike Chicago helped make free fitness accessible for all of us- which is clutch, especially in a city where a studio class can cost you as much as $25 out of pocket.

And if you couldn’t get to the studio? No excuses. The N+TC App was there to help you fit in a workout in your basement, your bedroom, the park, wherever. The Nike Running App, similarly, tracked our miles across the country and in some cases, across the world.

In total, what Chicagoans achieved during 2014 was pretty impressive. Check out these stats from Nike Chicago:

  • Earned 2.7 Billion in NikeFuel
  • Racked up 373,000 N+TC Minutes
  • Ran 1.3 Million Miles with Nike+, which is like running 53 laps around the globe.

Want proof? See for yourself.

If 2014 was about setting the bar, 2015 is about smashing it- and whatever your goals for 2015 are, Nike+ is ready to help you achieve them, or even set them if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for goals! (Nike suggested I try for a 3:42 marathon – hella ambitious, but sure, why not?)

First, you can start to make 2015 your best year yet with one of six FREE training classes offered by NTC Chicago. Classes are hosted by partner gyms On Your Mark, Shred 415 and Crosstown Fitness. Register here for a class. Or, if you couldn’t get a spot in a class (or, let’s be honest, if you’re planning on celebrating New Year’s Eve pretty hard), you can still receive a custom training plan by a Chicago-based Nike Master Trainer to meet your goals. Check or for more details soon. Don’t forget, NTC Chicago Studio offers classes M-Th at 6:30pm (pre-registration required).

Next, take advantage of the exciting new updates with the N+TC Training App. The update, which will be released January 5, includes tons of new features and introduces an all-new athlete-led workout to help female athletes around the world connect with their fitness community and reach new personal bests in 2015.

The app will also make your workout more social- even if you’re doing it alone in your aforementioned basement, bedroom or park. The all-new Nike Sport Feed will help you stay engaged with your friends as well as the broader N+TC App community. For example, after you completely dominate a workout, it’ll show up in the app’s sport feed, so that your friends will be able to both “cheer” and click into the workout to try it themselves.

Finally, take your training to a professional level with the N+TC App’s NTC Tabata Toned Workout, featuring six of the world’s best female athletes showing how they tackle the most intense workouts for top results. Athletes of any level looking to kick ass in the new year can work out using the same moves as:

o   Leticia Bufoni, Gold Medalist, Skateboarding

o   Marlen Esparza, World Champion and Bronze Medalist, Boxing

o   Morgan Lake, Double World Junior Champion, Heptathlon and High Jump

o   Kyah Simon, World-Class Striker

o   Lea Wallace, Four-Time NCAA All-American, Track & Field

o   Michelle Wie, U.S. Women’s Open Champion, Golf

The workout features the traditional structure of a Tabata class (2:1 exercise to recovery ratio) so that you get a workout that challenges your anaerobic system and improves your whole body coordination, two key factors in optimal fitness and sports performance.

You’ve got your goals. It’s time to go out and get them. 2015, we’re coming for ya.

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