How to Enjoy Your First Fitness Class at a New Studio

Trying anything new is scary. Entering a new studio or gym can be intimidating, especially when you’re not entirely sure what to expect.

Whether you’re just beginning a new fitness routine or trying a new class format, first take a moment to celebrate yourself for even getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new!

We’re all “new” or “beginners” at one point in our lives, on any journey we embark on. Embracing a beginner’s mindset is pivotal for overall growth, development, and building one’s confidence.

You’ll never find the things you love and the things that bring you joy without simply trying something new! Continue reading for a few tips to make the most of your first experience trying a new studio. 

person at first fitness class in new studio

How to make the most of your first fitness class at a new studio

Arrive early

The simplest way to set yourself up for success right off the bat is to arrive early. This will allow you enough time to get acquainted with the studio space and format of the class and meet the instructor and staff.

Running into class frantically last minute as it’s starting will likely leave you feeling more scrambled, lost, and frustrated. Plan to get there 10-15 minutes prior to start time so you have adequate time to get properly set up and ask any questions you may have. 

Ask questions

Are you confused about a particular part of the class? Are you unsure about a certain movement or proper form? Ask away!

No question is a “stupid question” and the staff/instructors will be more than happy to help you in any way they can. They’d much rather you ask than potentially risk hurting yourself or moving through a class confused. 

Bring a friend

It’s absolutely no secret that it’s less intimidating and simply MORE FUN to try new things with friends! Inviting a friend to try a new class with you is a great way to 1) try a new activity, and 2) prioritize your relationships and social time.

A friend also acts as an “accountability buddy.” You’re far less likely to cancel a class or back out when you know you have someone else counting on you to show up too!

The bottom line: All in all, trying a new class at a new studio can seem a bit daunting at first, but the above tips can help ensure you make the most of your first visit.

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About Lauren Scheuneman

Lauren graduated from Loyola Chicago in 2018, with a BA in Advertising and Public Relations and began her career in paid media working across health accounts. She has always been incredibly passionate about the health and wellness space and is constantly searching for ways to merge her passion points with her day to day work. She believes we are all lifelong learners, and all just trying to “figure it out,” and is often reminding herself to enjoy the journey rather than focusing on the destination! Lauren focuses on the “360 approach” to wellness and the mind-body connection. She believes we are all our best selves and do our best work when we do so with passion, and are able to use our own strengths to lift each other up. She absolutely loves group fitness classes (and is always up for trying something new!) as she greatly values the importance of community and loves bringing people together.