Thank You Notes to Winter Running

Is it safe? Can I say “spring is here” without knocking on wood or having someone angrily tweet me telling me in all caps that I JINXED IT?

Spring weather running

^^ I think so.

Before we fully welcome spring and all the wonderful running-related things that come with it, I’d like to take a moment to bid adieu to winter. Sure, polar vortexes and days with negative windchill can hurt the soul deeply, but winter running has a few decent perks that we don’t give enough credit to.

Thank you, winter running, for keeping my inner thighs and armpits smooth and unscarred, because chafing isn’t happening.

Thank you, cold and dry air, for preventing me from soaking sweat through my shirt and shorts.

Thank you, cold weather, for making it perfectly acceptable to hibernate and rest after a long run instead of having to muster the strength to day drink at Big Star.

Thank you, chillier temperatures, for letting me sleep in on Saturdays and still get in a long run without having to worry about beating the heat.

Thank you, socks, second socks, leggings, windshield pants, sports bra, base layer, hyperwarm layer, jacket, ear warmers and gloves, for letting me pretend to be Joey from Friends.

Thank you, deserted lakefront trail, for not making me have to dodge bikers and other runners.

Thank you, thumbholes, just for existing.

Thank you, clothes that cover up every inch of my skin, for preventing weird running tan lines.

Thank you, other crazy, brave, foolhardy winter runners, for making me feel like we have an unshakeable bond and we’re immediately best friends when we run past each other.

Thank you, subzero temperatures, for basically being free cryotherapy treatment.

Thank you, winter running clothes, for giving me ample pockets to put keys and energy gels in without having to feel them bounce against my skin with every step thanks to all my layers.


We’ve had some good times, winter running, but it’s time to make way for spring. See y’all on the lakefront trail.

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  1. This weekend was amazing being able to run on the trail. I certainly hope that this weather sticks around!

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